Friday, August 2, 2013

How important is your phone?

So here is a post that I didn't promise...ALSO please don't be mad because I have yet to write any of those posts I did promise. This blogging thing is hard and it doesn't help that the only two people reading love me a lot  I think I lost one---Amy, are you still reading? and already hear me rant and tell these stories in real life but I digress.

Ok so this morning I lost my phone. LOST IT. It is in my house somewhere but I am dying at work right now. Every buzzzzzz I hear and every time I see someone texting I start panicking. Full on sweat. I have screamed out a few times that I am going insane. My brain can't stop thinking about my little white iphone with a cracked backside and air bubbles in the screen protector. I can visualize this little gadget down to the freaking air bubbles but I cannot for the life of me remember where I set it down in our tiny house.

OK so why are we like this??? Why are we so flipping attached to our phones? bare with me this will tie back to running-everything does

Well I can think of a zillion superficial silly reasons we are attached to our phones but for me it is how I stay in touch with the people I love and until recently get through all of my sweat-pouring-into-my-eyeballs kind of runs---- which is very important to the people I love, because otherwise I am a crazy woman and sometimes very mean.

Until I got my beloved Garmin (which I will gladly review soon), I used a running ap to map my run. I use it currently to watch netflix and stalk blogs while at the gym. But most importantly it houses all of my glorious teenie bopper music that gets my legs moving and want to get that last mile in.

Really my phone is my life and if my grandma ever reads this she will roll her eyes and curse BUT it is. It keeps my life in line. Tells me where I need to be and connects me with the people I need to talk to. These people motivate me, calm me down, build me up, make me laugh and yell at me when I need it. It pushes me to work out and stay that extra 10 minutes at the gym. It houses millions of silly blurry pictures that make me smile and it makes me feel safe. Call it my adult baby blanket. I'll gladly agree. It is a fancy, very smart blanket.


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