Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dear runner blog reading friends all three of you,

I am so sorry for not writing in the last two weeks. 

I have some great posts coming! I promise. 

I have a recap of my first trail run, a post about finding running partners/friends (both virtual and reality) and lastly why the heat is killlllling me slowly and murdering no no slaying my time causing tantrums and me possibly pondering how to drown my garmin in water.



Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Running Story

I love hearing how others got started running and why they stick with it. SO please!! if you happen to find this little site, let me know in the comments.

When I was in high school I was a figure skater. I had skated for about 9 years and around 15 or so I was seeing some new curves and I gained some pounds the good old teenage way. I started staying up too late and eating too much good stuff with my friends on the weekends.  I was not heavy by any means, but I started to notice it was harder to finish my programs and unfortunately (to get real honest here) it was a time when body image started to play a huge role in my life… it was hard not to notice other girls and their freaking tiny tights on the ice.

(a more recent picture out on the ice)

I started to put pressure on myself and started running. Without laying out my sob story, running was a great release for me and it sure started out as a way for me to become more confident in my body image and improve my ice time. Eventually, other teen issues happened and I lost sight of healthy verses obsessive and unfortunately lost my way for a while.

Even in my darkest times growing up (when I probably had no business running) it was a wonderful release and gave me so much clarity. It took me a few years to get back on the healthy train and as I found my way back I used the gym more and more and lost running. 

Anyhow around January of this year I decided to sign up for my first race. It was a St. Patrick’s Day 7K. I thought it would be just something new and different and it seemed like so many people around me were racing and raising money for causes and I just wanted to see what it was all about.

(what?? green beer is a great way to refuel)

Honestly, I didn't train for it. I knew I could run 4+ miles and I didn't care about my time. Well race day came and I stood at the starting line and the feelings that started flowing are hard to describe. I saw people, all shapes and sizes, just beaming and bouncing in anticipation for the gun shot. I could feeeeel people’s passion for what they were about to do radiating off of them.  I was amazed at how everyone was building each other up and cheering their peers on, all the way till the last finisher.

Well I got  home and had to sign up for something else immediately. I was on a huge high all day and could not wait to run out the door and start training for my next race. I knew I could do better and race faster and so I started reading everything I could get my hands on about running, including blogs!

Since March, I have ran in two half marathons and a 5K (I will include all my finishing times below). In one day (YAY!) I will be running in my first 10 mile trail run and I just signed up for two more half marathons this fall.

Honestly, some days I have no energy and I wonder if I am going at a rate that I will burn out too fast. I wonder why I am up so early or like being so sore. My husband certainly questions how much money we are spending on this daily, but 6 out of 7 days a week I feel so lucky to have found something that makes me this happy. I love my family, and my husband, and my dog a whole lot, but running is different. It’s something that has changed me.

Sometimes I wonder if it means so much because of my unhealthy past. Running has taught me more about myself in 6 short months than I ever thought anything could. I am starting to really think like an athlete. I am proud of my body daily. I am not sure I could have ever said that before. 

I think that reason alone is why I can’t imagine a life without running now.

1.       Lucky Leprechaun 7K: 38:49
2.       Door County Half Marathon: 01:56:19
3.       Madison Half Marathon: 01:52:53
4.       MAADAC 5K: 25:17 (Placed third in my age group!)

Monday, July 8, 2013

What do your race weeks look like?

I have a race Saturday.

10 miles.

"Trails, Hills, & Glory"

That was the race tagline. I realize you are wondering at this exact moment why I would pay for this? Yeah, me too.

It is usually the Monday before a weekend race when I turn into a self doubting hermit and just fail miserably at doing anything I should be doing to start off race week.

Drink water? nah.
Eat heathy? nope.
Cross train? of course not.
Yoga? only if you count bending down under my desk at work to pick up all the buttery popcorn I spilled.

Bright side?

I think the great thing about running for me is it forces me to just get over it. I messed up today. I know why...sort of. I still have to show up on Saturday and the annoying, perfectionist, cheerleader in my head who kind of sounds like my mom knows I have what it takes and I don't have time to mourn a bad day.

Tomorrow my legs will feel a nice four miles first thing in the morning and suddenly as I am typing this my legs are bouncing with excitement. I think this blogging thing will work out just fine :)

As for this past weekend...It was filled with lots of sunshine, our grill, solid runs and two very competitive games of LIFE.

 **side note: LIFE included great  amazing wine. Have you had Gnarly Head? If not, get it now!**

Lastly, do you think it is a bad sign if your LIFE husband keeps throwing himself out of the car, possibly trying to commit suicide?! either. Have a happy NEW day tomorrow :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome to my first post.

Honestly, I am afraid of a few things when it comes to blogging.

First though I know everyone will be confused by the title. 

…well sounds silly but back when my husband and I started saying “I love you” we would play a weird game. We would ask one another how much we love one another using different letters. You can read about the game here.

Inside jokes are the best. If you aren’t fifteen at heart go ahead and give up on this mess of a blog I am about to write. Little moments, like inside jokes, make up our lives. They shape us and give us reasons to smile time and time again.

I hope this blog can do the same.

These are my thoughts, my beliefs, and I hope to connect with others who can appreciate them even if they aren’t your own.

I can’t wait to get started.