About Me

Hi Strangers! 

However you got here, I am happy you are.  

I guess you could say this is a running blog, but quite frankly I enjoy ranting about other things in life too. Nothing mind blowing, probably just how I can't stop online shopping or eating guacamole. 

Running though has become my drug and I find it to be the best hobby I have ever kept. 
You can read about my running story here. Anyways, the long and short of it is that I hope to find my voice in this huge blog world and inspire maybe a few people somehow. 

My husband and I were born, bred, raised and now live in the Midwest. We are Chicago sports fans, micro brewery obsessed and nothing beats fresh corn on the cob, but we like to dream big and talk about moving to some place new. 
However our family is here, and for now it is where we call home. 

Our dog Emma is our life. I never thought I would be this person because I grew up with dogs and loved them, but now its on a different level. Jake and I fight on the way home from vacations about who she will run to first. 

Oh ya and she smiles when she sleeps. I won't will stop...

Last but not least, you are probably wondering about rhinos. My husband can be pretty cute and when we first started saying "I love you" we played a game... randomly and in public places usually. We would ask each other "How much do you love me using the letter __?" 

I have an attention span of zero and it drives my sweet husband nuts. 

So one day he gave me the letter R and I said rhinos. I don't know if he was hurt or confused but he responded with, "YOU love me, rhinos?" 

& because I know how mad it makes him that I don't pay attention, I decided to defend my answer, acting like it made perfectly logical sense.

I am pretty sure I just ranted about how rhinos are big or something, but I digress. For some reason its one of those great memories that stuck and now anything we see with a rhino on it we love. 

So whatever your reaction to that story, I just want to say, "I love you, Rhinos" too & you should feel honored because that's a lot of love. I imagine and hope whoever is reading this is supporting me and I appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to read my thoughts and weigh in. I hope I make you feel better or inspire you to do something awesome. 

Thanks again for visiting :)



  1. ohmygoodness! The pic of your doggie smiling is the cutest thing EVER!

  2. I love the rhino story hehe. Emma is SO cute especially the picture of her smiling in her sleep!!!!

  3. LOL the rhinos. You are so cute, and I loved reading about you guys

  4. LOVE the story behind the name of your blog :)

  5. Just found your blog today thanks to your guest post over at Tammy Jo's You Wouldn't Call It A Drinking Problem. I'm a fellow Wisconsinite and have toyed with the idea of running many times. After reading your blog I'm definitely inspired to give running another shot! Looking forward to following along on your blog. :)

  6. Hey Jessica!! I saw your post today on 'The Modern Tulip' on running...I am excited to read more on your running journey/tips as I am just starting to train for a 5K while NEVER being a runner...your gear section was helpful as I am just starting to look for a good pair of running shoes:) Look forward to getting to "know" you :)

  7. I was glad I read this. After seeing you on Helen's blog, I was intrigued by your blog name, glad I took the time to visit!