Best. Day. Ever. 

Jacob and I actually grew up in Illinois and attended the same middle school for 7th and 8th grade. Jacob wishes we could end the story right there and say it was happily ever after at the ripe old age of 12 but it is a much longer story. We didn't actually start dating till 2010. You will have to ask for a blog post to get the rest :)

But our love story really happened in Milwaukee and so when we were deciding on either Illinois or Wisconsin for the big day, we chose Milwaukee. The city held so many of our memories and we wanted to share it with those we loved.

We were married in Old Saint Mary Catholic Church. We stayed at the Pfister hotel and the reception was held in the Milwaukee Yacht Club.

Our photographer was amazing. Jennifer McCarty.

My something blue & My something
borrowed.My parents class rings-they were
high school sweethearts

My beautiful girls

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This is obviously only a glimpse. It was hard to choose what to share, but I look forward to adding more pictures or sharing them in posts. I tried to include some of our unique touches, but again this is only a snap shot. 

Planning our day wasn't always glamourous but it turned out perfectly. We had zero snags. I still can't even believe how flawlessly everything came together on the day. 

However, I do have one regret and that was not capturing enough video. 

I will leave you with a few pieces of advice: 

1. Make a detailed schedule for the day. Type it out and print it out for EVERYONE who plays any part. Even if that part is just getting grandma to the church. Detail every second (within reason- I once heard of a girl who sent it out and one of the steps was to take her Birth Control- um no. not okay). Understand that you will need to adjust on the day, but if you let everyone know where everyone is and what is happening, things go so much smoother. 

2. Practice your hair trials and make up. I felt really bad but I went back for a second trial. I say this because I knew my girl and trusted her a whole lot but this isn't everyday you. The last time most of us went all out was probably prom. Go with your gut and be you on the day but DO a trial, even if you know your stylist realllly well. 

3. This was totally our call and made sense for our friends & it may not work for you, but we included all spouses and dates in our wedding party activities. This worked for us because we knew them all but they sat at the head table, they rode in the trolley, and they got to be in our rooms while we got ready. 
We tried to leave no one out.

What worked even better is we made sure they were all involved in our bachelor and bachelorette parties. By the time the wedding came everyone was friends & everyone had the best time together! I just truly believe this is the reason our wedding was so fun. If it works for you consider it. Consider how you could accommodate it. 

Honestly, at the end of the day if you feel like the luckiest person in the world and really loved you did something incredibly right :) 


  1. I want to hear all about how y'all started dating!! Love the name of your blog and the meaning behind it, so cute!!

    1. AW! Thank you and thank you for commenting. I will have to plan a dating post soon! :)

  2. A gal I went to college when her sister got married was in the same church...I just love those beautiful Gothic churches...just helps raise my heart and mind to God when I got to church:)