I love the Pure Connect line from Brooks. I wear these guys for my races and for shorter distances. I don't think I will be changing that habit any time soon. They feel so light but yet so supportive. 

I tried a few different types of shoes and brands to support me during longer distances over the last year & I don't know why I am saying it this way but I am seriously shocked that Asics is where I found my match. GEL EXALTS. Awesome. They are just wonderful. 
They are also super affordable in comparison to other shoes. 


A Garmin is totally a must have. I really wanted this one so I had the opportunity to link with a heart rate monitor, however it has been a year and I haven't. I also love being a nerd and linking my runs to my online account. It is really fun to look back and track where you have run and your best times. Garmin has a great site by the way too.


Nike Tempo Shorts. These are by far my favorite thing to wear while running. I don't need to buy many shirts because of the small collection I have started from races but hitting up Nike outlet for a few pairs of these was probably the smartest thing I have done. They wash so well and hold up like gold. Plus the printed ones are so cute. I love seeing what Nike comes out with every year.


Chocolate Outrage GU= Brownie batter. Need I say more? 
(good tip: buy in bulk on Amazon)

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