Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Running Story

I love hearing how others got started running and why they stick with it. SO please!! if you happen to find this little site, let me know in the comments.

When I was in high school I was a figure skater. I had skated for about 9 years and around 15 or so I was seeing some new curves and I gained some pounds the good old teenage way. I started staying up too late and eating too much good stuff with my friends on the weekends.  I was not heavy by any means, but I started to notice it was harder to finish my programs and unfortunately (to get real honest here) it was a time when body image started to play a huge role in my life… it was hard not to notice other girls and their freaking tiny tights on the ice.

(a more recent picture out on the ice)

I started to put pressure on myself and started running. Without laying out my sob story, running was a great release for me and it sure started out as a way for me to become more confident in my body image and improve my ice time. Eventually, other teen issues happened and I lost sight of healthy verses obsessive and unfortunately lost my way for a while.

Even in my darkest times growing up (when I probably had no business running) it was a wonderful release and gave me so much clarity. It took me a few years to get back on the healthy train and as I found my way back I used the gym more and more and lost running. 

Anyhow around January of this year I decided to sign up for my first race. It was a St. Patrick’s Day 7K. I thought it would be just something new and different and it seemed like so many people around me were racing and raising money for causes and I just wanted to see what it was all about.

(what?? green beer is a great way to refuel)

Honestly, I didn't train for it. I knew I could run 4+ miles and I didn't care about my time. Well race day came and I stood at the starting line and the feelings that started flowing are hard to describe. I saw people, all shapes and sizes, just beaming and bouncing in anticipation for the gun shot. I could feeeeel people’s passion for what they were about to do radiating off of them.  I was amazed at how everyone was building each other up and cheering their peers on, all the way till the last finisher.

Well I got  home and had to sign up for something else immediately. I was on a huge high all day and could not wait to run out the door and start training for my next race. I knew I could do better and race faster and so I started reading everything I could get my hands on about running, including blogs!

Since March, I have ran in two half marathons and a 5K (I will include all my finishing times below). In one day (YAY!) I will be running in my first 10 mile trail run and I just signed up for two more half marathons this fall.

Honestly, some days I have no energy and I wonder if I am going at a rate that I will burn out too fast. I wonder why I am up so early or like being so sore. My husband certainly questions how much money we are spending on this daily, but 6 out of 7 days a week I feel so lucky to have found something that makes me this happy. I love my family, and my husband, and my dog a whole lot, but running is different. It’s something that has changed me.

Sometimes I wonder if it means so much because of my unhealthy past. Running has taught me more about myself in 6 short months than I ever thought anything could. I am starting to really think like an athlete. I am proud of my body daily. I am not sure I could have ever said that before. 

I think that reason alone is why I can’t imagine a life without running now.

1.       Lucky Leprechaun 7K: 38:49
2.       Door County Half Marathon: 01:56:19
3.       Madison Half Marathon: 01:52:53
4.       MAADAC 5K: 25:17 (Placed third in my age group!)


  1. Alright so here's a little blip on my story....Naturally I'm a procrastinator. I've been meaning to read your blog for the last week since I got your FB message. I wanted to start from your first post though so I put it off for when I had a little time. Anyway, my running story is similar to yours. Though I can't pinpoint exactly how or when it started I know it was when my body image and mental wellness was a little fuzzy. I was in a doctoral program, in a new state and had just broken up with my boyfriend of 7 years. Nothing was familiar. Running was the only thing that gave me a break. That complete and utter mental clarity. Too much noise in my head= put on your running shoes. Chiropractic boards overload= put on your running shoes. It was just total peace and silence for me. I had the bug and signed up with one of my sisters friends to do a half marathon. Unfortunately, I did too much too soon and never got that far. I ended up with stress fractures. The only race I've ever done was a 5k. Running has never been the same. After so many on and off restarts and multiple rehab attempts I FINALLY feel like I'm on the right track, albeit slowly. My goal is to do a half marathon again someday. I've been rehabbing for over a month now and my runs are steadily improving. My body is responding. But as mother nature would have it, I've had a shitty ass cold for the last week that has DRAINED me. I have 0 energy. I'm starting to feel better and I'm hoping I can go for a run tomorrow, but am feeling a little discouraged that the progress I've made in the last 4 weeks may have been lost. Grrrrr. Until I pulled out my laptop and started reading. I looked at your qualifying times and instantly felt better. My qualifying time for the 5k I did was 31 minutes. With no formal training, just running as I pleased. My diet isn't exactly where it should be. Let's just say I enjoy a soda when I want one, will eat that piece of chocolate when I NEED it and won't deny myself the beer/glass of wine/hard cider at then end of the day if I want it. What can I say, I'm human and you made me feel so much better. Not that I'm degrading your times ( I think they're awesome) but it let me know that maybe I'm not that far off the mark. With a little more umph I can get there. I was starting to question if I could really do a half marathon, if I'd be one of those people dragging through the end at the 3 hour mark or if I'm even a "real" runner. Thanks for sharing, thanks for the little inspiration. I'll be running tomorrow. even if I do take more breaks. Even if it's not as far and as long as I wanted. Because I refuse to "start over" I can keep doing this. I"m just picking up where I left off last week :) xoxo

  2. Love this. I run primarily because I want to prove I can do it. My grandfather was a marathoner that owned our town's first running store. I want to continue in his tradition! Oh and I do it because it's so hard and seems impossible so I get such a great feeling of accomplishment with each milestone.

  3. This is SO encouraging! I have NEVER been a runner, and just started running a couple of months ago during my husband's deployment. I'm up to 6 miles now, which is huge because I seriously couldn't even run a mile. We're signing up to run a 10K in October. I am so excited! Thanks for sharing your story. You go girl.:)

  4. this is so encouraging and motivating! My husband and I just signed up for our first marathon in November. It should be interesting. I'm so glad that I found more bloggers that run.