Monday, July 8, 2013

What do your race weeks look like?

I have a race Saturday.

10 miles.

"Trails, Hills, & Glory"

That was the race tagline. I realize you are wondering at this exact moment why I would pay for this? Yeah, me too.

It is usually the Monday before a weekend race when I turn into a self doubting hermit and just fail miserably at doing anything I should be doing to start off race week.

Drink water? nah.
Eat heathy? nope.
Cross train? of course not.
Yoga? only if you count bending down under my desk at work to pick up all the buttery popcorn I spilled.

Bright side?

I think the great thing about running for me is it forces me to just get over it. I messed up today. I know why...sort of. I still have to show up on Saturday and the annoying, perfectionist, cheerleader in my head who kind of sounds like my mom knows I have what it takes and I don't have time to mourn a bad day.

Tomorrow my legs will feel a nice four miles first thing in the morning and suddenly as I am typing this my legs are bouncing with excitement. I think this blogging thing will work out just fine :)

As for this past weekend...It was filled with lots of sunshine, our grill, solid runs and two very competitive games of LIFE.

 **side note: LIFE included great  amazing wine. Have you had Gnarly Head? If not, get it now!**

Lastly, do you think it is a bad sign if your LIFE husband keeps throwing himself out of the car, possibly trying to commit suicide?! either. Have a happy NEW day tomorrow :)

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