Friday, September 19, 2014

boo! I am back just in time for pumpkins, boots, & spiked cider.

I can't even believe it has been almost two months since I sat down to write a blog post.

Honestly once Jacob joined me here in Illinois (about the last time I wrote) I just wanted to experience the next month or so without any social media. It wasn't a choice I made on purpose but it happened and I would be lying if I said it wasn't actually a really nice break. I have posted a few things on instagram if you follow (if you don't, you should :) so click here!!) and on my personal facebook.

I really thought with how much transition we were going through it would be great to write it all down and share the good, bad, and the ugly but in reality I just wanted to ride it out quietly.

I have felt like a bit of a hermit. I am sure many of even my close friends are wondering what is going on but about an hour ago I made some pumpkin spice oatmeal, sat down with a perfect cup of coffee, felt the cool breeze blow through our windows and listened to my very-sexy-law-student-husband type away in the next room and realized I think we came through on the other side. So I deemed today the day that our "transition period" has commenced and now it is time for my freaking favorite time of year (all things fall) & I offically think it is okay if I start coming back down from wherever I was & start finding my place back in this little world.

So pick up a pumpkin spice latte, with all its bad for you goodness. 
& let me tell you a few things you missed while I was away. 


Jacob and I celebrated two years of marriage!!! We ended up spending the night out celebrating in the little town I grew up in here in Illinois. They have a very cute downtown and the night really made it seem like life sure does come full circle. Of all the places I have been and lived I find it totally bizarre that Jacob and I spent time walking down my memory lane as a little girl for our anniversary (I hadn't visited the area in yearssss). We even chatted about how we could really picture ourselves there permanently in the future. I am not sure I would have ever thought I would raise my family exactly were I was raised but it sure makes my heart really happy to think about.

But truth be told wherever we call home after this law school experience will be just fine with me as long as I have this guy next to me. I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else.


I ran one of my best half marathons to date. It was my SEVENTH &&& here is something absolutely shocking, it was one of my slowest. That nagging hamstring thing I was complaining about all summer just hasn't gone away. I trained enough for the half but I knew going into it there might be a chance I need to stop or walk a lot of the miles but I went into the morning of the race with the best attitude and SHOCKER it changed the whole day for me. I listened to how my body felt and I took some stretch breaks. I didn't miss one single water stop & I just jammed out andddd enjoyed the beautiful day. It was awesome.

The Madison Mini has been voted really high in the country as one of the best races and I am not surprised. Everything about the race was flawless. Except for the beer...the beer was weird...some bitter crap but it basically finishes in a beer garden so there is plenty to buy instead :)


Speaking of running I guess I should let y'all know that on November 9th I will no longer be running the full marathon. I think my hamstring issue is really my sciatic nerve and it just absolutely cannot take the training. I went out for a 14 mile run by myself the other weekend and I rocked it, very slowly but I rocked it. However mentally I am just not there because I know I am not 100 percent. It was so hard to press the submit button and switch to the half but I know it is the right thing for my body. There is always next year :) Right??? Anyone else have to switch a race before??? were tears involved? or am I just crazy...


I made a completely huge, almost unforgivable blogger mistake. I never celebrated my one year on this little space. It was July 6th & I guess by missing it I have confirmed that I just am not made from the perfect blogger mold. I want to grow this space and learn as much as I can to make it better but at the end of the day it really is just where I come to be honest. I hope that is enough for you to stick around awhile longer :)

I hope y'all had a beautiful end to your summer. I am sure I missed a few important updates but I promise I will be back on the regular so hang tight :)




  1. Happy two year anniversary and one year blogiversary!

    Fall is my favorite time of year too! So many exciting and pretty things happening in the fall :)

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