Friday, October 10, 2014

I am a big fat liar

just don't know what is going on with me. I really do want to come here and let you all know every boring detail of my life ... Talk through my goofy problems ... Share too many pictures and find my rythym again but something is just not clicking. 

It is obvious I lied a few weeks ago when I said I was back in action but it's no secret that I haven't even tried to sit down and write a sentence since than which is silly because we definetly have been busy doing some of my favorite things so I'll give you a quick life update. 

Two weeks ago we spent time up in Door County Wisconsin. It was the best weekend we have had in awhile. The weather was perfect ... The colors were just starting to pop and I had a great ten mile run. I completely undid the hard work by gorging myself with all things pumpkin and yummy but it was worth it. 

Speaking of... I have felt some guilt over a few extra LBS lately and I'm just so sick of feeling that way. I take good care of myself 99 percent of the time but then I really wreck myself on the weekend. It's a really bad cycle that I think most people can relate to. I just want to enjoy myself and find balance so I have been trying to celebrate where I win and notice when I have taken it too far... 

I have also really been trying to let myself have what I want without eating every last morcel and that seems to have kept the binging "I love life" monster at bay for a few weeks now. I really love bethenny frankel's book "naturally thin" and when I need a reality check that's where I go to reread some great advice. I don't really know if I would proclaim to the world that's she is the perfect role model but that book is gold in my opinion. 

This seems like an unnecessary tangent but I guess since we have been so busy filling up our beautiful fall weekends with fun, it's hard to keep my skinny jeans from getting too tight. 

Thank god I run.

&&& thank god the two boys I love most like to now too! Last weekend for my dad's birthday we (the husband and I) bought him a race entry to a fall 5k in a beautiful arboretum by our house in Illinois. My parents came down from Wisconsin and it was great. It was the first 5k I think I actually liked and the thought of doing more has crossed my mind. 

I can't even believe I just typed that. 

For you non runners... I am a distance loving runner... At least for the last few years I have been. 5ks are usually too fast and painful for those of us who need 5 miles before we feel like we love running. But somehow I kinda liked the pain this time around and trying to accomplish some speed goals seemed like a welcomed challenge. I ended 6th in my age group out of a little over 100 which made me pretty happy. Jake and my dad did great too! 

This weekend Jacob and I are camping for the first time ever. For me it's the first time ever in my life! 
We came to an agreement that with all the little trips we like to take on weekends we have still been living on a budget of two adults who work full time... Not two kids who live with their parents and are taking out expensive law school !!! since most of our getaways are outdoorsy anyways we decided it might be a great hobby if we don't kill each other or even more likely I die from irrational fears and flash backs to the Blair witch project. 

Well I am not sure how much of an update this was but I typed something so I'm pressing publish :) 

Have a great weekend pretty people!! 



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