Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where in the world am I now?

This week you will find us in Texas visiting familia. It was a super last minute decision but those are just the best trips in my staying with family is amazing. 

First, they break out the good stuff even if your arrival isn't until 11 pm on a Tuesday night. 

They are great people. 

My lips are still smiling from the happiness that came in this bottle. 

Then because normal people work all day, we get to lounge around their house being bums and feeling like real kids on summer vacation until they come home and ...

Take us out for some delicious seafood! 

My heart stopped, sang songs and then continued beating again. You are looking at shrimp wrapped in bacon filled with jalapeƱos cheese. 

Try your hardest not to be jealous. 

On a running note ...

When I get back home I need to get serious about mileage and this marathon in Novemeber. Finally being on a low key vacation I have had more time to read up on my different plans of attack via the interwebs and my dusty (breaks my heart) Runner World magazines that made it through our move. I feel a little panicky and behind :( 

Oand refocusing on a clean diet and hydration might be wise too. 

On a previous post I made some goals for 14 days and my two week mark was on Tuesday. I will talk results soon! 

In the meantime have a great Thursday!! I'm headed out the door to run until sweat burns my eyeballs, so probably only a mile or two... It is Texas after all.



  1. That shrimp thing (minus jalapenos) looks amazing!! I need that in my life sooner, rather than later :)

  2. I hope you're having fun in my state!! Careful of the heat ;) I don't even think about running outside when the sun is up anymore. That makes for some earrlyy mornings and late nights!