Sunday, September 13, 2015

such a tease

I needed a little extra motivation for my run this morning. I was still laying in bed & I realized I have not written down a single race this year and/or compared my times. How many races have I even done in the last few months???

Oh GAWD...What kind of "runner" am I???

my happiest place
I remember celebrating my tenth half marathon but other than that I have just been running when I can and racing hard when it feels right. 

St. Patty's Day

After thinking about it awhile I opened up 5 million windows to try and find my race results and after all that work the little post-it full of my accomplishments just wasn't going to cut it...

I subconsciously knew that I was going to have to add my runs to this special place. This place I abandoned almost a full year ago! So I recovered my password because god help me if I can ever remember a password to save my life and I tried to figure out how to even edit the race tab.
RUSTY is an understatement.
BUT long story short, my recent races are added.
Now I can resume to being a real "runner" again or whatever that means :)

Last year I kept coming and leaving...blaming everything on changes and not really making writing a priority. I didn't ever want to be that blogger and I felt dumb. Its annoying to read. I may not be a great blogger but I am a pretty great blog reader and I know what I like to read and it sure isn't apology posts about disappearing and deciding to enjoy your life instead of typing about it.

Well maybe its time to come back...A whole year changes you and I would be a different person now but that is usually a good thing. 

SO I will leave you in suspense. Maybe...I am back :)