Thursday, October 27, 2016

the cubbies have killed my halloween spirit

I freaking love halloween. 
LOVE it. 
Since becoming a couple I love it even more. 
On the contrary, Jacob contemplates divorce on the 31st of October.
Here is the thing…our favorite Halloween tradition…OK, OK one of MY favorite Halloween traditions (although there have been some years skipped) is spending a night in Chicago with one of my bestfriends dressed up. As you can imagine... like pretty much any other holiday...Halloween is taken pretty seriously and is super fun in the city.
However, this year I can’t even believe we had even a second to plan/think about our costumes because THE CUBBIES are in the WORLD SERIES!!! DID you hear??? (well of course you have) 
SO! tomorrow night we are heading into Chicago dressed up as Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln (ya you read that right) for our originally planned festivities...but who woulda thought months ago that tomorrow night would also be the third game in the series but the FIRST game in Chicago!
(P.S. Can you even believe that to just get into a bar in Wrigleyville will cost you a 100$ cover. For realz. 1000$ if you want a table. JUST TO WATCH THE GAME ON TV.) 
Thankfully we have a party to go to…not far from Wrigley and we aren’t missing it. BUT I can’t help but wonder how stupid we will feel tomorrow on public transportation in a costume. I feel like we will be asaulted by so many crazy fans asking why the hell we are celebrating Halloween when the biggest event in our city is happening...
I guess I am writing so you can pray for our safety??... and maybeee to remind you to follow me on insta so you can see our sweet costumes ;)
I can’t wait to see what y’all are dressing up as!!! 


  1. Crossing my fingers for the Cubs!
    Can't wait to see your costume...have fun!!

  2. Woo hoo! Hope y'all have the best weekend and stay safe!!!! :)