Friday, March 28, 2014

jerk chickens

So I am about to link to one of my favorite posts in the whole world by the bloggess...

But before I do that I need to explain why I am a jerk.

This morning, second Friday IN A ROW, my sweet husband woke up early with me to run. I secretly (I don't know why I keep secrets from you, I promise to stop) signed up, last minute, for a half marathon tomorrow. I am SO not ready to run 13.1 miles but it was only 25.00 dolla bills !!!!!!! At least that is what I kept saying as I was filling out the registration. This race is a deal! I couldn't say no and just sign up for the 8 miler @ the same price...I just couldn't.

There is something so wrong with runners' brains. Am I right or am I right? On top of that! I freaking love a good the mix of both (being a girl and a runner) means I am going to be limping till May. Awesome.

Moving on...

Ok, so we didn't want to run for long this morning (because of the race tomorrow) so we were going to do two slow miles together and then I was going to do two even slower miles on my own. Anyways the long and short of it is that I woke up feeling like being a total jerk. Do you ever wake up that way? I totally know life is awesome. My husband is running with me and it is finally FRIDAY & I should just be happy dammit. But nah, Jacob took one wrong turn, in a direction I didn't want to go & I exploded into a crazy person.

Maybeeee it was just me being stressed about thirteen. point. one. miles of pain tomorrow, but even I know that is crap. I am the moron who decided it was a good idea but regardless I was a big. screaming. brat.

So we walked back into the house, a few minutes pass, and he hugs me and forgives me.

Marriage is so weird. He should not forgive me. HE should tell me to go to my room and come out when I am ready to be twenty-six years old. But he picked his battles and probably just told himself to let it go.

Anyways on this random Friday, I just want to say marriage is mostly hilarious and fun but the real key is to find a guy that lets you be a banshee & then still forgives you :)

Also readddd this post about marriage because it is freaking hysterical...& if you are all like "this is old", I don't care. It is so funny. Read it again.




  1. I hadn't seen that post before. HILARIOUS! Hahaha. That chicken is huge!

    1. hahaha !!! I could read that post everyday and still laugh!

    2. did you see the updates at the bottom of the post...this post got so famous that there is a facebook page for the chicken!