Friday, March 21, 2014

Linking up again---Runner's Tell All :)

This morning needs to be remembered forever.

At 6:45 AM two alarms went off in our house. Mine and Jake's !

I rolled over and asked if we were still on and just like that, before we could even answer each other or talk each other out of it, we were out the door...RUNNING. On a weekday. OUTSIDE.

Can I just tell you this has never happened before in the history of EVER???

My husband was AWAKE and running with me at an hour I am not even sure he has seen before. I don't even know what is happening ??? I think my husband is starting to like running ???

Anyways we knocked out three miles together and then I did three more. I haven't gotten a run in outside BEFORE work since sometime last fall. I honestly cannot tell you how great I feel today at work.

I did a lot of thinking on my run about how I have got to get over this yo-yo-ing of my schedule. Morning workouts are what work for me. They make my whole day better...and yet, I talk myself out of them WAYYY too often. I have to make a new commitment to myself starting ASAP. I am even thinking about seeing if I can try out changing my schedule at work. I know staying an extra hour after everyone else will be hard but I don't know if it is harder to sit all day at work thinking about having to get in my run or workout class. We shall see. Nailing down a good schedule is just so important once marathon training is in full swing. Sorry this is so boring...I am just blabbing all this because I have no where else to!

If you have any ideas or things that work for you I would love to hear em!


OK! Link up time!!!

This month's Topic: My Favorite Running Gear

or in other words "My Staples"


I love the Pure Connect line from Brooks. I wear these guys for my races and for shorter distances. I don't think I will be changing that habit any time soon. They feel so light but yet so supportive. 

I tried a few different types of shoes and brands to support me during longer distances over the last year & I don't know why I am saying it this way but I am seriously shocked that Asics is where I found my match. GEL EXALTS. Awesome. They are just wonderful. 
They are also super affordable in comparison to other shoes. 


A Garmin is totally a must have. I really wanted this one so I had the opportunity to link with a heart rate monitor, however it has been a year and I haven't. I also love being a nerd and linking my runs to my online account. It is really fun to look back and track where you have run and your best times. Garmin has a great site by the way too.


Nike Tempo Shorts. These are by far my favorite thing to wear while running. I don't need to buy many shirts because of the small collection I have started from races but hitting up Nike outlet for a few pairs of these was probably the smartest thing I have done. They wash so well and hold up like gold. Plus the printed ones are so cute. I love seeing what Nike comes out with every year.


Chocolate Outrage GU= Brownie batter. Need I say more? 
(good tip: buy in bulk on Amazon)

The End.
Short but sweet. 
I can't wait to see what y'all like too!
Link up!!!!


  1. Hi! Stopping by from the Linkup and enjoyed reading about your favorite gear :)
    Love that colorway of the Brooks shoes btw! Funny thing, I considered buying that Garmin but decided against it. Sadly, because it looks so much better than my bulky watch..

    Happy Friday!

  2. YES. Nike Temp Shorts. It's all I wear and all I need! I mean, at least on the bottom anyway ;) Also, I love running/working out before work. I feel awesome all day, and then when I'm done, I don't have to worry about fitting in a run! It's excellent.

  3. Running before work is best for me as well...but I also talk myself out of it WAY too much. Totally agree that it changes my whole day when I manage to get it in before work. I've never been a GU person, but ordering in bulk on amazon is a great idea.

  4. How lovely that your husband shares your love of running. I think having someone to run with in the morning would make it much easier to get out of bed and get moving! Read your blog via the link-up - my Garmin Envy haze is getting thicker. >(

  5. I love the Tempo shorts too. I actually don't have any shorts BUT Nike Tempos! As for morning workouts, I think you hit the nail on the head--you really just have to roll out of bed and get up and GO before letting yourself think about it. I used to run daily at 5:30 a.m. before I had kids and that's exactly what I did! Good for you for getting out there!

  6. Morning work outs are what work for me too but like you I'm talking myself out of them more often than not. No matter what work out I'm doing it is just so much easier to get it done and over with first thing in the morning. That way after work is all about dinner and being a bum with no guilt about skipping a work out. I'm right there with you making that commitment to myself ASAP.

  7. So sweet that he went with you!!! I finally tried Gu the other day and I think I'm liking the chews more so than the gel

  8. I have the Garmin Forerunner and it is really great. Also, I have got to try the Pure line from Brooks! I run in minimalist shoes but sometimes it isn't enough cushion / support. Thanks for sharing your list.