Tuesday, March 11, 2014

andddddd I am back.

I am back in business today kids. Hopefully I didn't lose too many of you :(

Thank you for understanding my need for a little break. Now that we are home, I can spill the beans on our vacation. I was worried about sharing too much on the internets before we left.

We were gone for TWO whole weeks. It was beautiful & much needed. We went on a 7 day Caribbean cruise with my parents and grandmas. Then one grandma and my parents left and we got right back in line with the other grandma and went for another 7 days. Back to back cruising they call it. I on the other hand, call it genius.

The trip has been planned forever and since the grandma that did both weeks with us is an avid cruise goer, we get tons of amazing perks and have now made it our life’s goal to be on her privileged cruise level.

I know cruising has gotten a bad rep but honestly I think it is the best way to travel BUT more to come on all that when I do a recap of the vacay.


Today though I guess I just wanted to talk briefly about the perspective that comes with escaping reality for so many days. Traveling to new places and finding small things like sea shells important again and eating dessert after every meal, slowly without guilt, brings a different kind of perspective or awareness if you will.

Dontcha think?

creme bruleeeee :)
When we walked into our house Sunday night from the airport and when I sat through my first day of work it was like life never changed while I was away, even though I sort of had, and I got really sad. Every vacation changes me in some way or another and then I come back to an unchanged routine or what I would rather just call a rut & I feel determined to not let it get the best of me but it usually does.

Yesterday kind of sucked but today I made it a goal to remind myself all day that the beauty and peace I found on vacation doesn't need to stay on vacation.

Everyday has beautiful and exciting parts of it, you just have to be open and aware of them. No, they won't always include sun or a Pina Colada but there is no happiness in just being miserable with your routine.

Anyways, since I have noticed some other bloggers escaping their lives at home and starting to take vacations this month, I wanted to be sure to ask you to join my challenge of not letting the peace of your vacation leave you as soon as you get home. Hold on to it & if all else fails pour a glass of wine and cry over your pictures, it is almost the same thing : )


  1. Back to back cruises?! This is a genius idea. For our honeymoon, we went on a 7 day cruise (that my husband was totally against) but when we came back we were like BEST VACATION IDEA EVER. it seriously has everything you need, right there.
    Glad you were able to escape a little bit!

    1. It does have everything!!! You can be as active or as lazy as you want. It is amazing!!! I just love waking up in new places. No cars or busy schedules or worrying. It is the best!! I am so glad you think so too :)

  2. We did a cruise that went around to the Greek islands, it was 10 days...and AMAZING! How other way can you see so many of Greece's islands in one trip? One of the best vacations/cruises ever...(I also got engaged on that trip, so maybe my opinion is swayed). I totally agree with you on cruises getting a bad rap. So glad you had an awesome time!

    1. I would give my right arm to cruise to the Greek Islands!!! I can't even imagine how beautiful that trip must have been!!!! It is def on our list of places to go :) I am so happy there are other people who love cruising.

  3. I'm here from Tammy's blog! I thought to myself: I love wine, I would rather get another puppy than have a baby, and I love running. We are practically best friends already. So of course, I popped right over to follow you! :)

    1. AHHH YAY!!! perfect. This made my day :) Thanks for stopping by.