Friday, April 11, 2014

FIVE on Friday


It is no secret that I am totally a pinterest whore. That site is my mistress and I don't care.

I won't claim that my boards or anything are extraordinary but my life has been more fulfilled because of that little site.
I am more put together.
I take risks in the kitchen.
My bestie and I send one another 100s of pins a day to make each other laugh,
and basically it makes life more fun. 

SO, let me tell you what happened last night. 

Usually I depend on this site to tell me how I should put my outfits together 99.5 percent of the time. I buy something unlike me (i.e. mint jeans) and I ask the wise pinterest to tell me what to put on with my mint jeans. I think this is common?

Well I bought this skirt awhile ago... (Before the vacation I haven't even blogged about yet ---remember the 2 week cruise vacation I said I went on???? Ya, I know. Y' all probably think I was lying. This sounds incredibly stupid but it is painful to look back on it. Not because it was horrible but because it was too good to be true. I have weird emotional issues obviously because I haven't even looked at the disk of pictures yet! Is anyone else this weird??? Probably not.)

Ok so anyways I bought this skirt. It has been cold as hell and now I found the perfect occasion to wear it. My beautiful friend's bachelorette party.
Tomorrow I am going to be bouncing around town with a group of loud girls & people will be pointing because that is what happens when you see a gaggle of bachelorette party girls and it will be awesome. 

So anyways I pulled this skirt out (how is this still number one of five??? gawd) & decided a denim shirt would be perfect, and black booties plus an organgie (that is a word in fashion, I am sure of it) gold necklace. I stepped back & felt so proud that I put together the whole thing without looking at my ipad once.

This morning, because I have no confidence in myself, I searched lace skirt on pinterest and these outfits came up!!! So basically pinterest confirmed I am a fashionista and now I am feeling really great about myself. 

I don't think I have ever told a more pointless story but I typed all of it so I am not deleting it. If nothing else you know I will be at a bachelorette party this weekend and wearing a new outfit. boom. 

you are welcome.


Since we are talking about bachelorette parties, I should segue to booze ---Obviously my second favorite thing to write about after running--- 

Where has the Bloody Mary been my whole life??? Why did I ever deny myself one before??? If you love them and have any great recipes or recommend any mixes PLEASE leave it in the comments. I am still rather new to this beverage. The spicier the better :) Also now that I have been drinking them more I wanted to see how unhealthy they are for you. Well low and behold, SUPER healthy! especially for runners! 

"Research shows a daily glass of tomato juice lowers a person’s primary marker for inflammation by nearly a third." (SOURCE)

It also says something about relieving stress (the juice that is, but the vodka I am sure helps) plus a million other awesome things so drink up! 

3, 4,  & 5 are things I needed to see & hear this week, maybe some of you need it too...enjoy! 




HAPPY WEEKEND Pretty People !!!


  1. You are totally a fashionista! I'm a pinterest whore too but mostly for funny things, I never really thought to use it to find inspiration in my clothing!

  2. Ohhhh I love that denim and lace combination - great mixing of textures! And seriously, is there any other place to find outfit inspiration besides Pinterest? :)

  3. Girl, this post cracked me up. You are hilarious.