Tuesday, April 29, 2014

new goals, new me

I swear I am still alive.

I just took a little blog vacay.

I hope this doesn't sound strange but I kind of missed just being on the outside...not worrying about posting or thinking up a new topic or responding to emails. I missed just reading other blogs and commenting and really catching up on all the strangers I like a lot :) So that is what I did. So really I was right here all along, just not writing.

I need to rewatch the OC right now.

I have said it 92 times without any details but the hubs and I are in a major transition and it kinds sucks that I can't tell all of blog land what is up (this might be why it is hard for me to write lately) but we just can't announce everything yet. It stinks.

But a week or so ago I was telling y'all about how sad changes make me and how I wasn't dealing so well but guess what??? I got my head together & I don't feel like a crazy hormonal beotch anymore.

We are basically moved out of our house, we have a little get-a-way this weekend planned and things are just running smoothly for once SO I feel like me again!!! What a relief!

I think I just had to get through the yucky parts of this move etc. to get to the other side.

SPEAKING OF, I am really excited about the other side actually. With Jacob going back to school and accomplishing something pretty awesome for himself, it has got me really thinking about how I can make goals and change too. I have been thinking about what this looks like and to be honest I am not sure yet...YOU will be the first to know... but I love that new, everything-is-at-your-finger-tips feeling.

This is totally going to sound out of left field but stick with me...For the last few years when August rolled around (I know it is not August, it is April- hang in there) being in my beloved Target made me a little sad.
(There has never been a truer statement. )
I almost can't go.
That is a complete lie.
I absolutely still go but I just get a little sad.

Why you ask?? Well all the cool new dorm room stuff is out on display in August, like everywhere!!!!!! You know what I am talking about, right? Well I just love that stuff. All the bright, cool, new gadgets that make living in a dorm (i.e. bedroom) totally doable. Well why in the hell would this make me sad, you ask?

I don't know if it was like this for you, but that summer before I went off to college was the most magical time. I could be whoever I wanted to be. The world was all brand new and I could accomplish anything I wanted. No strings attached. No boundaries. You only get that feeling so many times in your life. So I don't get really upset or anything, but it pulls at my heart strings walking past all the shrieking 18 year old girls picking out XL twin bedding. I just become very aware that that time has past for me.

I kind of thought that I would never feel those feelings again but suddenly I do : ) I may not be the one going back to school and we sure aren't moving into a dorm room and hitting up frat parties (unless Jake is hiding this part) but I feel like we get to start all over again fresh and that is such a cool thing.

So anyways the funk I was in is gone. I am super excited for our new life and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

On a completely different note, this weekend I am running the Door County Half Marathon!!! with my Daddy-o : )

This race was my first half last year so it is kind of a special anniversary. Anyone else racing this weekend??? I saw so many awesome posts about the races last weekend. I am totally adding the Nashville Rock n Roll Marathon to my list. After reading so many awesome recaps, it is a no-brainer!


  1. For some reason I couldn't respond to your comment this morning. So random and weird! I am sure it is my stupid email host once again.

    I get sad looking at all the cool college stuff that comes out every summer too. I mean, they didn't have half that cool stuff when I went! I am totally jealous! Plus buying school supplies was fun and exciting.

    Have fun at your race!

    1. I know!!! I feel that way too! They have the coolest stuff now. If I am being honest I am probably more sad about that than anything :)

  2. I would love to do a Rock 'n' Roll race at some point. They sound like such fun! Good luck, girl. And excited to hear about your transition when you can share!

  3. I feel like a lot of people are going through some changes, transitions, or just general weirdness right now (myself included). Not sure what's up with that, but just know that you're not alone!
    We have a Rock n Roll race in Virginia Beach (just half I think, not full) but it's Labor Day weekend and the idea of running in that kind of heat just sounds torturous to me, so I've never done it. They sound so fun though! I've heard that Rock n Roll Las Vegas makes for an awesome runcation!

  4. You have me so curious about this upcoming news! Also, I can't blame you a bit for a blog vacay! I hate to walk away, but I can imagine how nice it would feel :)

  5. Can't wait to hear this news??!! We are with you on the changes scale and sometimes it is hard! (love that gif, so true!)

  6. Have fun at your race Jess! That's a pretty cool idea to do the race that got you hooked each year. Might be some sort of cool tradition! :)