Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a holiday I can guarantee you have never heard of & a little running update

Like everyone else it seems I am super pumped and slightly freaked out that it is ALREADY JULY!!!

But I cannot be sad this week because it is a hugggge holiday in our house. HUGE.

Yes, it is the Fourth of July, which I actually do love a whole lot, but somehow this year our very own family holiday falls on the day after the 4th which has our house in shambles, freezers full of food, and more than a couple of air mattresses laid out in inconvenient places (please note: I keep saying "our house" really I mean our in-laws if you are new around here, god bless their souls).

The holiday is called the WIIB (Wings + Ribs = WIIB) & originally it was created as a day to celebrate and eat the amazingness that comes from the grill master himself, Jake's dad, but it has grown into a massive party full of family and close friends. This won't do it justice but in short... it is a wonderland of lawn games, too much booze and grown adults walking around with barbecue sauce all over their face and clothes for a full 24 hours. It's ridiculous.

Anyways this fiesta (read: fiasco) even earned a trailer this year to add to the excitement...

told you it was a big deal...

please note: I am not the creative mind behind that trailer. I can't even add pictures correctly to this blog :)

as if you need anymore details, the boys of the family seriously start emails and planning for this "holiday" shortly after Christmas. Crazy.

Which brings me to a very important point...I have promised to prepare the Sangria &&& if you have a great recipe please let me know!!! I will end up posting the recipe I use and I promise to give you credit and a shout out :)

Ok and a quick running update because booze and running is how we roll around here...

I got this email the other day...

19 weeks till the big day!!?! So in response I decided I need to be honest with myself. My left hamstring hates my guts.
It has this whole spring season.
So I am laying off.

A part of me feels nervous that I will end up losing some endurance but I am cross training like a beast and I know it is the right thing to do. It's hard to be smart though, and if you are a runner or a type A freak like me you know what I mean...

Ok well have a wonderful Thursday, which for most of you is really Friday so yay! TGIF :)


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