Tuesday, July 8, 2014

the WIIB aftermath

If you read my previous post you know this past weekend was our family's annual WIIB fest. It was every bit as crazy as planned. The only downfall is that we found it appropriate to party the hardest on Sunday...you know the day before Monday??? BAD idea. However, if I had to do it all over again I would still make the same BAD choice & I don't think I would be alone.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

a taste of the chaos

WIIB love
I was super proud of my WIIB shirt.
the grill master himself- Jake's dad
beersbie is the offical game of the WIIB. playing brings pure joy to the boys

Emma's happiest

the chair I lugged all the way home from Mexico was put to good use


I guess I should mention, since this is a "healthy-ish, lifestyle-ish" blog, weekends like this last one and if I am being completely honest, the last few weekends, have left me feeling less than great (health wise).

Thank goodness my job keeps me so much more active than my previous job and I have been really nailing some great workouts each morning but NEWS FLASH!!! "abs are made in the kitchen", or so they say, & my bloated self has made some really poor desicions on pretty much everyday that ends in day lately.

My struggle, my constant struggle, is that I love my life and I want to enjoy it but I also want to feel and look my very best.

I wonder when I let myself relax if I am just making excuses...

andddddddd then on the flip side, when I buckle down I constantly ask myself is it really that worth it to say no to social situations or family time because I want to eat clean and get some extra miles in???

Some days the answer is clear and other days it isn't.

I know many of you struggle in the same way. It's just recently with being back in Illinois we have so much more going on. More opportunities to do fun things but they usually include all the booze and all the yumminess of summer and I just don't want to completely derail. I also don't want to be consumed with caring so much either. It's just alot of noise for me.

Sooooooo I think I need to proclaim some goals on here, just to get my head back on straight.

Starting today and for the next two weeks...

1. I will not drink a sip of soda (I only drink diet but it is usually so much easier for me to stay on track without it. I don't like to admit it but it is true. I feel better without the crap.)

2. I will not step on the scale (I hope to write a longer post on this soon. I know my body & it is really hard for me to not focus on a number, SO I am being strong and removing it as a habit for at least two weeks.)

3. I will not eat after 9 pm (This could be the hardest. I know when Jacob reads this he will laugh out loud, really hard. I don't really snack but I am known to make a midnight MEAL. Even though I usually take note of it, stopping at 9 will help me wake up feeling better & if nothing else, hungrier for my all time favorite meal. BREAKFAST!!)
Okay so I will check back in with y'all on these three goals July 22nd!

If you want to join me, shoot me an email! I would love to support eachother if these are habits you are looking to break :)

One habit I will not break is wine so stay tuned for the Sangria recipe I used this weekend!!! It was actually relatively healthy and a huge hit.


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  1. Your weekend looked so much fun!
    And I hear you big time on the dilemna! Lately I've been realizing more and more though that making some poor choices isn't going to hurt me THAT much so I've been more inclined to take a few more "feel gross days" than to not enjoy myself fully (and yes, I should be ashamed to admit but I need food/booze to enjoy myself fully haha)!!!