Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some thoughts with my coffee on a Sunday

This weekend we are back up north in Door County, WI !!!

For those of you who don't know, it's the most beautiful place on the peninsula or the little finger of the state, situated in Lake Michigan. I grew up coming here and when Jacob decided to deal with me for the rest of his life, he proposed here too. Smart guy:) this place has slowly become a part of us as much as it was a part of my family before him and it makes me so happy. 


We have a huge reason to celebrate this weekend because Friday was Jacob's very last day of work. We are officially a one income couple living with his parents... Oh boy! :) 

My heart swells though when I think of what the future holds for him and the smile he gets just talking about it. School (law school) starts up on august 21st so he has just about a month to relax...

But let's be honest ... I will be his obnoxious BFF dragging him to everything I can and soaking him all up. Jacob has never had a job where second or third shift wasn't part of the deal. I wasn't too clear on that before because I didn't want crazy stalker internet people to know that I was home alone a lot but I can count the number of Tuesday night dinners we have had on one hand in four years. 

Every couple has their struggle and I am sure tons of couples deal with this, but his schedule has put the worse strain on us and our relationships with friends. When Saturday night is the only real evening together it is so hard to give it up to others... Its been hard but now it's all over !!!! &&&& I think unlike other couples we are really super prepared for the demands of law school. Pretty much if I get to see him for thirty minutes on a week night that is more than I ever have :) so I'll take it.

Well anyways back to Door County... I am sitting here in our little cottage feeling the cool breeze of the lake and drinking my coffee and feeling completely overwhelmed by how much I actually love just being here. This place ...the roads and trails and even the buildings and structures have not changed in 26 years. Each milestone of my life has been really celebrated here. From my first step, to my first heart break. I drove for the first time on an abandoned road here and ran my first half marathon. I have memories with every single member of my family (the ones still here and the ones in heaven). I said the most important "yes" of my life on my favorite pier three years ago &&&& I can't help but add this milestone into the mix ... Jacob and I starting all over again and pursuing what some people would really categorize as a huge risk. Sharing that leap and celebrating that here has been exactly what we needed ....oh &&& lots of ice cream, cherry pie and wine :) 

I may still be rather young but it's starting to set in not only how fast everything goes but how often we forget to really taste and enjoy our memories. We forget to stop and celebrate our leaps and our failures. I love Door County for all it's beauty but the reason it is so meaningful to me is it holds all those chapters of my life. I am just really happy that even as an adult the new chapters are still being celebrated here too.

I kinda hope everyone has a place like this.

One last thought this morning!

very wise friend posted this on the Facebook the other day & I couldn't help sharing. 

"Two words. Live boldly. Every single time life offers you a choice that involves greater risk, take it. You will lose on many of them, but when you add them up at the end of your life you will be glad you did." 

Go live boldly this week!!! Xoxo

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  1. This place looks beautiful! I love the story you have behind it, and that it's where he proposed!!!

    Enjoy your month together! So happy he is following his dreams. One income isn't that bad; at least it's only temporary!!!