Thursday, May 1, 2014

A really great day...

I think I just had one of the best days...

Have you ever taken a day off from work and just stayed home? I seriously have not, until today, and if you haven't you really need to.

 Let me just take a few minutes to prove to you why.

I woke up this morning and quickly drove to my favorite coffee shop. I came home and hopped right back in bed with my yummy drink and scone. 

I proceeded to watch 'the big wedding' on Netflix. I hadn't seen it before but loved it!!! 

Eventually I got out the door for a five mile run. I didn't have to stop at one red light! I'm telling you the stars were aligned for me today!! 

My husband was home for lunch so we ate and watched two episodes of family fued and then we both left (he went back to working hard) I went to get my hair done! And get pampered for an hour or so. Also had a free therapy session... Anyone else get one of those when you get your hair did?? 

Then I roamed around target for an hour without any place to be but there. Dangerous? Absolutely.
Pure happiness? You betcha. 

Especially since I found a 140 dollar duvet cover hiding behind a bunch of full price covers for 24 dollars!!! Yes, yes this really happened...

I then picked up some sushi I couldn't afford for dinner. Came home to my favorite wine and worked on a dorky art project I have been waiting to do.

Lately I have been stalking some awesome race bib displays on etsy and then suddenly believed I for sure could recreate them. I stopped at michaels weeks ago for supplies but have just been staring at the stuff for days till today because boom!! 

Race bib displays done :)

Now I am watching 'burlesque' and if you make fun of me we can't be friends. Cher  is one of the greatest gifts God has given this world :) 

Tell me something great that happened to you today ?????


  1. Burlesque makes me want to get up and dance! I watched that in bed about two weeks ago really late at night when the hubs was out of town. It. Was. Fabulous! Glad you got to have a little you time in the middle of the week. Those days are simply the best!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I've always said I wanted to take a day off just to do absolutely nothing (or absolutely everything)! Cute project too!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness. Can I come visit and do a repeat? Sounds lovely! I sure could use one of those ;)