Saturday, June 14, 2014

Friday photo dump!

My goal was to be world's best blogger once I moved and started my new job but turns out I just take a ton of pictures on my phone, plan to share, and fail miserably at opening my computer at the end of the night. 

I still have hope once I'm in the swing of things (it's only week two) I'm able to get my act together but for now here is a random update of all the things I missed posting... 

First! Our first weekend home (aka the weekend I moved to Illinois) we had an amazing cookout ... It pretty much marked the official start of summer for us.

Thennnn the next day we woke up and caught a train into downtown Chicago, met my bestest for brunch and ran on navy pier and by the lake... I should have blogged about this more because it was a perfect day but chances are this will be a regular occurrence now which is still weird to say/believe !!! so it's probably better I left it for a different time.

Also Emma misses Jake miserably since he is still in Wisconsin during the week... It kinda break my heart... 

I miss him too so I work hard at work on things like this to make him feel loved ...

Coloring and swinging all day is really hard work btw, just in case that was your next question (my post about what my new three year old BFF has taught me is still coming, dontcha worry) 

Speaking of!! hanging with little ones all day makes seeing small things in nature so much more fun. It's funny how quickly as adults we forget to be really excited about the world around us.

&&& with that I hope you have an awesome weekend and treat your dad pretty great on Sunday!

I'm taking my daddy-O running of course !!! &&& then helping him drink back the burned calories in beer :)



  1. Your pup has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Gracie sits on George's pillow just like that. (We joke that she's farting on it...which she probably is.) haha

  2. I always "say" I'm going to be all on top of things and such... haha rarely does it happen :) Looks like you've been having a fabulous time though which is the most important!

  3. Love this, my bestie and I went to Chicago in Oct, makes me want to return :)