Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day!

Ahhh I can't even believe it's already Wednesday. 

Last Wednesday I wrote how I couldn't even imagine how different my life would be a week later & BOY was I right...

... I mean 3 days in and I knew I would still be adjusting & figuring out how to be a nanny again. I thought for sure I would be a little lost in a different state without my husband (only a little while longer, he is finishing out his job in Wisconsin) & to be honest I was really concerned about  trying to get in a groove or routine if you will...

but mainly I just feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be and doing what I am suppose to be doing. I am not sure how often you feel like that in your life so I am going to soak it all up. 

The girls I am taking care of get sweeter every day and I go home feeling exhausted, loved and like I made a difference in their little lives. It is the best! 

But I actually came here, not for an update, but to tell you the sweetest story in honor of national running day.

Last week, I was finally catching up with one of my most favorite people. Her name is Abigale and we were college roommates. 

To be blunt we couldn't be more different and initially I was so nervous to live with her BUT for some amazing reason loving each other for who we are and laughing at the same weird things has always been enough. 


Present :)

Abigale has two kids now! And unfortunately we live kind of far apart but as soon as we pick up the phone we are still just us. 

Those are THE best types of friends. 

Anyways when I started this blog she was one of the first people I trusted to read so I told her about it. I wasn't sure if she was still reading between two babies, a husband, job, and house but she must have been because the other night "frugal abigale"--- one of our differences :) ---told me she was thinking about joining a gym HOWEVER after doing her research and seeing how much it costs, she picked up running shoes instead!!! 

She talked me through how it helps her process her day and how her sweet husband sometimes bikes to catch up to her with the babes in the back and overall just how proud she is of herself for committing to it.

It sounds completely irrational but tears welled up. I admire abigale for a million and two reasons. The two main reasons being her faith and her awesome sauce family BUT here she was slightly inspired by me?!?! Which is just crazy talk. 

We have now made it a plan / a promise to race together and make a girls weekend out of it. I can't wait to actually get it on the calendar. 

So in honor of national running day tell
me someone you inspired??? Or who inspired you????

:) happy miles! 


  1. Love the prayer. I have never heard that before! I am encouraged by your inspiration story! I hope to inspire one of my friends to run! They are usually inspired by the training I do, but I hope someone picks up a pair of shoes and joins me!

  2. I just love this my Jessica! Thank YOU for the encouragement you give to me! I love our friendship so much! It is a friendship that is built off of our differences, because that way we can encourage each other in the others weaknesses. I love you to the moon and back! I did a 4 mile run yesterday, felt so good:):) i love the frugal Abigale comment - totally opposite of Jess:):):)

  3. Now on my wish list is that garmin wristband. ;);)