Friday, June 6, 2014

Guest post from the hubs today!

Finally !! Jacob mustered up enough guts to write a little something for the blog.

When he sent me the below post I couldn't stop smiling. Sometimes I am so happy I decided to keep him around forever :) 

Basically I wanted to start incorporating what my family thinks of the blog (a common question I have got) so I turned to Jacob first.

To my surprise, once Jacob thought about it for a little while he took it a step further and decided he wanted to start contributing to the blog by writing a few posts! 
Talk about real support! :)

So without further ado here is his first post!

Hello Rhino readers!!! (I've decided Jess needs to give you guys a name & I really like this one).

I've had quite a hard time trying to figure out what to write about. I don't want to jump right into my life and start with a law school post. 

I also don't want to re-hash my past vacations and excitement with Jess since you guy have already heard so much of that from her.  

So what does that leave me? 

I could always talk about Emma. 

I could talk about how much I hate running. Gasp. (But I still try every day because somebody motivates me too). But, alas, I don't think I'll talk about either of those things today. 

I think for this first post (of many??) I'll just do an introduction of what my guest blogging future could be. 

A few things I can't wait to talk about. 

1.  Law school. Obviously. I am definitely going to need a place to vent, question, praise, contemplate, ponder and evaluate my decision to start this new adventure. 

2. Television. I love tv shows. And 100% not the types of tv shows Jess watches. Sometimes our tastes overlap (the following, vampire diaries) but most the time they do not. Ever since the best show on television ended (LOST - and I will argue that point with you until I'm blue in the face) I have been entrenched in finding and watching good television. I don't know where I find the time but somehow I get my shows in. 

3. My life (before, during, and after Jessica). I guess I don't know why I think you would be interested in that at all but it seems you're interested in Jessica's so maybe you would be interested in mine. I think it might be fun to chronicle the transformation (and let me tell you, there was quite a transformation) between the shaggy haired lazy waiter to the soon to be lawyer. 

4. Finally - guy stuff. I know Jess doesn't have too many male readers. Understandably. She is a girl writing about girly things, but maybe I can broaden her readership. I have a love for the bulls, cubs and bears. I try (and fail most of the time) to play as many sports as possible. I also am going to attempt to home brew some beer this summer and can bring you along on that tasty drunk adventure. As well as bringing you stories of whatever man problems and (married) man adventures I get myself into. 

So that's my dream for my blogging future. Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for what you want me to write about!


P.S.  And also keep supporting Jess. You guys and this blog mean the world to her. Your comments make her smile like ive never seen before. This blog has given her an outlet for eveything she loves. Thank you to you guys and thank you for your support. 


  1. Awww this was so stinkin cute!! Todds been wanting to do something similar so I just had to get him to read it and he was impressed! Way to go, Jacob. Jessica just had a male reader!! Ps: We vote to hear about the drunken married adventures!! haha!

  2. This is just plain adorable. Yay Jacob! He may need to start a blog of his own :) His blog title could be "I Love You Bulls, Cubs & Bears"? :-P

  3. Wow, let me just tell you that you are SO lucky that you got him to do this. :) So cute!

  4. I second Renee -- drunken marriage adventures!!! Nice to "meet" you Jacob! Maybe I can convince my man to do a guest post since you braved it and have gotten quite a response already. :) Way to go Jess!

  5. Ah! I love the PS! So cute. Hi, Jacob!