Monday, June 23, 2014

What I have learned from a three year old.

As some of you know I have started nannying again.

I left my stressful days and endless hours in front of a computer &&& tied to a phone to instead be hugged, kissed, & playing dress up everyday. Real rough.

I am taking care of two munchkins, ages one & three. Honestly the one year old could not be easier. She smiles all the time, eats like a champ, and sleeps longer than my dog can. She wraps her tiny arms around my neck real tight when she sees me and it pretty much makes my whole day.

The three year old though gives me a run for my money, in the best way possible. The things she comes up with & says just can't be made up, but those will have to be stories for another day because I really just want to recap how she has changed me in two short weeks and probably taught me more than I have learned in the last year...

1. The first one is easy. Do not over or underestimate the power of a good hug or kiss for no reason at all. These girls are love bugs and although not all children are, or go through stages where they don't even want to be held, it has taught me to think about those two sweet actions more.

As adults we really only do these things to the people we love when we are greeting them or leaving. We probably aren't hugging or kissing our loved ones because they gave us our milk or helped us find something that went missing but maybe we should because it feels great to be loved a little more. 

2. Celebrate everything. It seems that three year olds celebrate everything from pooping to their favorite song playing on the radio. Every great thing that happens during their day gets celebrated and they are definetly happier people because of it. This celebration also is not commonly a simple "yay". No sir. It's a full blown dance party and if appropriate (& even if it's not) they make sure everyone around them knows the reason they are so happy. Three year olds are so smart because even at such a young age they realize that life should be a celebration and that happiness is contagious.

3. Time outs help. Sometimes I wish I could put the driver in front of me in time out or the rude lady at the grocery store but that's not what this point is about. 

This three year old I spend so many hours with honestly really has it together but obviously still receives a daily time out and it helps everyone. It helps her gather herself & gives me a second to breath as well as build more patience. If you take a few seconds to think about it basically her and I meditate everyday. May seem like a reach but it's honestly what it feels like when the house is quiet for five minutes. Then we come back more composed and enlightened. 

Since I have a little more time during the day now (i.e. Nap time) I have been doing this more on my own... Taking a few minutes to reflect, breath deeply and not touch my stupid phone. 

If a three year old needs breaks in her day to think, sleep and reflect &&& her biggest responsibility is learning how to color inside the lines, I would like to know why as adults we don't think we need/ deserve the same or more.

I am sure I will be adding to this list soon but that seems like a good start. If you have kids or work with kids I am sure you have some great lessons too. Pass 'em on! 



  1. This is so precious. And SO true! Thanks for the simple reminder today. Sometimes toddlers have the best life lessons!

  2. I love working with kids--they're so fun and you're right, they can teach you a lot!