Thursday, May 15, 2014

Door County Half Marathon- My dad's first half!

For months I was SO excited to do this race.

This was my first half (in the history of everrr) last year. Unfortunately though I was in a terrible mood on Friday (the day before the race). We took the day off of work and drove up, taking our time at some of our favorite stops, including some great wineries. I had absolutely no reason to be crabby!

To be honest I have never drank the week of a race before so that probably wasn't the best decision but I really wanted to enjoy our little trip. PLUS we had just finalized and made all of our new LIFE PLANS and I wanted to celebrate, but come about 4 pm I was in a disgusting mood. I can't even tell you why. It was just one of those girl days.

Anyways we eventually got to the cabin we rented. My dad and mom were there, along with my grandmas and we loaded up on a yummy pasta dinner. Honestly though we had eaten so much all day and I think I just over did it. Another mistake. I felt like a lump the next morning.

My dad on the other hand was psyched. I was so excited to wake up on Saturday morning and come down for coffee to see him already rolling away on his roller. It has been the coolest thing ever to watch him morph into a runner. I was totally excited for him.

Last fall when we were at this exact same cabin, my dad tried to run a mile with Jake and I and barely could make it. To think only a few months later he was ready for 13.1 is so impressive. SO SO impressive.

Well we got ready for the race which started at 10 but the whole time I was getting ready, I wasn't exactly saying negative things in my head but I just knew I felt off. I honestly think I just didn't want to run. This has never happened to me at a race or the day of. Sure on a Wednesday night I might feel mehh but I think I just didn't feel into it and then I felt bad I felt that way which just made it worse.

@ about 9:00 am Jacob (he was doing the 5K) my dad and I all headed to the state park. We checked our bags and walked to the starting line. This race is amazing at its organization and support. Just crazy amazing.
The energy was good and I got a little boost. My dad stayed back in line a bit and I moved forward. He was getting in his zone, I could tell, and he didn't really seem like he wanted to do this skipping and holding hands.

I have forgiven him.

Race starts and the crabby me was instantly back.

Around mile 4 I started crying. I hated how I was feeling. My legs felt so heavy. I just couldn't keep up with the pacers I wanted to & I started to get really upset.

Probably around mile 6 the sun finallyyyyy peaked out and I started telling myself...

"I do this for fun. This is one of my most favorite places in the world.
I run to run, not to win, so just go at a pace that feels FUN & get over it.
This race is a lot of money and it is ridiculous to be wasting a great race being upset.
I can run 13 miles at once, that is accomplishment enough. ENJOY this dammit!"

Mile 10, I came flying down a big hill and I saw my husband. I did not expect to and it was the last little push I needed. I started to feel great and really started flying. My last mile was my fastest. 13.1 miles in 1:57:38

I learned two major things in this race.

1. YOU better not, even a second, judge a race/run by the first few miles. Just don't do it. It is really hard but not giving up and pushing through is ALWAYS worth it.

2. I learned that the way you train, is the way you run. Last year I never really took warm up miles. I started my run and tried my hardest to hold on. Almost every run I have done this year started with me talking my body into it. I go at a comfortable pace for awhile until I decide to either dig deep and push harder or not : )

That is how I ran on race day. My body took some time to get into it. The reason I got so upset was that I was comparing my race to last year races, when I should have been comparing it to last week's run.

I was so happy to finish under two hours. I really didn't think I would. The best reward though was finishing and then waiting in anticipation to scream for my dad.

He finished in 2:32:07 !!! Pretty AWESOME.

Jacob killed his goal too! He finished in 27:49!! He has really become a speedster. Even though he will not give in to adding mileage, I love that he still makes his own goals and hits them. It proves running can be whatever you want it to be for you : )

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating, drinking, and playing mini golf. Jake and I also stopped for a few minutes at our favorite spot where he asked me to be his bestest friend forever. It turned out to be a great weekend.


  1. So in awe of you! I dream of running a sub-2 hour half, haha! HUGE congrats to your dad, that's amazing!

    1. :) thank you!! it was a good learning experience but my dad kinda took the cake. I am so excited he ran!

  2. Wow, I think that's pretty impressive! Go you!! And go dad!! Awesome!