Friday, May 23, 2014

It has been awhile but... how about 5 on Friday!


Let's just jump right in.


I realized on my run this morning that I haven't been doing a lot of talking about running lately on the blog...I recapped my half but the day to day stuff has kind of been missing. 

If you care...
I have been averaging about 25 miles a week & just taking it how I feel that day. Last Saturday I had the most amazing 7 mile run. Out of nowhere I had negative splits with an average pace around 8:30...But then again I ran five miles on Wednesday at a 10: 40 pace.
So it just is what it is and honestly I am enjoying getting miles in & having NO pressure. 

feeling awesome after my run Saturday
Not sure if you remember but my first Marathon is set for November!!! It will be here before I know without a doubt Fall training will be much different than Spring  training and I am just so excited that my brain is functioning properly and telling me to just relax & pump the breaks on hard running for now :)


This weekend I officially move in with Jacob's parents!!!

I spy with my little eye an Emma.

I still have three days left at work next week so we will be back in WI, but we are spending our three days this weekend in Illinois celebrating our Friends' wedding (we are both standing up) and settling into life in our "new home".

You can bank on an update next week. 


Well honestly I don't know where I found the focus (I guess a bridesmaid dress will do this for you) but I totally rocked this last week and I feel so great. I did have one hiccup on Tuesday because my sweet co-workers threw me a little going away party (wine and 3 musketeer cupcakes included! 3 musketeers are my favorite!!!) But I got some exercise in everyday, ate clean otherwise and avoided booze for the most part. 

Hopefully this continues after the wedding. It totally helps to just take each day one at a time. That is what truly helped me. I didn't count down days or think about the next day, I just did what I could in the moment. 

Part of me thinks this worked because if I think too much about how many days I have till the end of a goal, I make up excuses about my "cheats" or "breaks". I just didn't let myself think that way. 

Mind over matter.

It also helped that I slept in the dress to stretch it :) but it fits and I feel much more confident than a week ago. 


I may be homeless but that didn't stop me at the flea market last week!!!!!!!!!

I died over this chair and it's mate. 

My stupid filter was on when I took the picture but they are an amazing YELLOW color and in great! condition. I just had to have them. I scored them for 70$$$ a piece.

I am thinking about writing more on my flea market obsession soon. 

Anyone else lovvvvve the flea market?


This may be the most ridiculous thing I have ever shared on this blog ...

But I have suddenly become very aware of how amazing chunky peanut butter is, over creamy peanut butter...

Like I am not even sure why in the world creamy PB exists? OR why for years I just wouldn't buy chunky. Huge mistake. 

I have years to make up for.

&&&&&& I need this shirt. 

Have A FABULOUS weekend beautifuls :)


  1. Mmmm peanut butter. I prefer the creamy, so lets not banish it just yet (I am a textures person.) But even I can admit that any peanut butter is better than no peanut butter!

    Love the dog in the middle of the room. Too cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Peanut butter is where it's at. Banana slices and peanut butter might be my most favorite snack ever. How do you decide to just run whatever distance you feel? I guess I just need to loosen up and just run, though I've always seemed to do better on a set amount of miles training for something, ya know? I've had a sinus infection for a week now, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the running groove when I can finally breathe again. Until then, I'll live vicariously through you! :) Happy weekend!

  3. I can't believe you average 25 miles a week! Did you always love running? Or is it something you grew to love? I wish I enjoyed running more, but I despise most cardio.

  4. I love hearing about your running! What's the date of your marathon? I have my eye on one in November too...if I can survive training in the summer!