Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I can finally tell you EVERYTHING!

It has been weeeeeeeeeeks of me coming back and forth from this page. For some reason I think the line "Its not you its me..." applies here. I hate leaving blog land.

I keep giving the same lame excuse but in case you missed it, we have big changes going on because my smarty pants husband decided to drain our savings and any future savings we may have by going to law school. 

It has been SO hard to write anything on here because all the crazy good and crazy bad stuff I wanted to share needed to be kept under wraps because... I JUST GAVE MY TWO WEEKS notice @ work!!!


We are moving back to Illinois and Jacob will be going to Loyola Law School (in Chicago) in the fall. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am. I am from Chicago and didn't move to Milwaukee till I was almost 20. There really hasn't been a year that has gone by that I haven't missed it. Milwaukee is a greattt city and now it holds a lot of awesome memories for me but there is something to say about moving home. I would have never guessed I would be that person 10 years ago but I am and I am more than okay with it. 

Unfortunately my parents and grandmas are here in Wisconsin now but we won't be too far. It is only a two hour drive back and being in Chicago we will be closer to our oldest friends and near Jacob's parents. 

andddd when I say near...I mean we will be down the hall from them- Jake's parents that is. Yep. When I meant home. I really meant home.

Jacob's parents are giving us tons of relief for the first year of school. I am not even sure how we could ever thank them enough. My cooking sure won't, but hopefully I will find something besides sharing my sweet dog and wine expertise- which really isn't an expertise...more like a strong passion to drink good wine. 
But there you have it. THE PLAN. oh!! I almost forgot the very best part. As of June 2nd I will be nannying again. I guess I am not sure that I ever mentioned before that I was a nanny for three of the sweetest little humans on this earth for two years in college. The girls were my flower girls in our wedding. It was the best job in the whole wide world. So as soon as I knew we were moving, I started looking for some full time opportunities. To be honest I am burnt at my job and I really wanted to chose something for awhile that made me feel great about life and gave me time to think through what my next steps are. 

one of the beautiful flower girls

I also know I need to be a pretty happy wife for my hubby who will be working his butt off ...
&&& crayons, peanut butter sandwiches, combined with discovering the world with little people makes me pretty gosh darn happy. 

So that's it! That is where I have been. 
Closing on our house. 
Quitting my job. 
Consoling my sad parents. 
&&& trying not to eat all my weird emotions that went into making these big changes. 

As a side note, today I was talking to Jake on the way to work and he mentioned how excited he is to read the blog everyday after we move. I am sure if you blog you feel this way, but it is hard to find something great to write about when your days are basically four cubicle walls. There are so many reasons I am excited to nanny again but another added bonus is that there will be daily adventures to share with y'all.

Stay tuned this week because now I am back for good...

I will have my half marathon recap up soon. It was almost two weeks ago but I knocked out 13.1 miles again but this time along side my daddy-o. It was pretty great.


Happy Tuesday! thanks for waiting it out and always coming back :D


  1. How exciting!!! So many changes! Good luck with the move, and congrats to you guys!

  2. Yay! Congrats! looking forward to hearing more!

  3. So exciting and congratulations to your husband!! I actually live in Chicago and we recently decided we'll be moving back home to Michigan so we're in a similar position :) Good luck with the move and your new job!

  4. Congrats! Chicago is the best of the best. Lucky girl, you!

  5. So so so exciting!!!! Big changes for you!! :)

  6. Yay! You're back! Welcome back, friend, and congratulations on the new adventures! Adventures are awesome, and kids are the best. Can't wait to hear!

  7. YAY!!!!! That is so awesome! I was hoping to say you were moving to Texas :(

    1. awww we were actually considering it for a second!!! we have family in texas :) hopefully we visit soon!!

  8. This is some seriously exciting news!!! Congrats to you and your hubby!