Friday, October 18, 2013

Haters going to hate.

I came across this article this morning.

It is a blogger's response to this picture.


I saw the picture on Facebook a few days ago and thought nothing of it. I am pretty sure my exact thought was “Wow! How awesome for her. I hope I look half as good as that after three kids!!” Never once did I think she was flaunting it or didn’t work hard for her body. She obviously makes it a priority and she is encouraging others to do the same. 

Well come to find out, after reading the article above...In the last few days this poor woman has been completely berated online and called a bully. You heard me right. A BULLY! She even went on Good Morning America to defend herself. She is defending herself on one of the biggest morning shows in. the. world. because she is in shape and makes amazing choices every day. How absolutely, completely absurd. Honestly, this was exactly why I was afraid to start a blog.  

I will let the article I posted continue this point because I couldn't have said it better myself.

Instead I want to make this point. 

I am over the judgment and scrutiny of being healthy. We are all or at least I hope we are trying to find the right balance for us. For some that might be just putting the 12th  extra Oreo down and for some of us it might be finally running 40 miles in one week. However small or extreme the choice is, it should be applauded, respected and not judged.

I am worried for the day I have a little girl who feels pressured to be anything besides herself. Being healthy is hard. Making the choice every day to be healthy is hard. Nothing about it is easy and simply because of that, others who are having a bad day or just cannot figure out how to make the right choices, belittle and hurt others who are. They make us feel embarrassed about voicing our passion for finishing a race or riding a century. We have to be quiet because the rest of the population is struggling.

Honestly I feel weird posting on Facebook about my running accomplishments. Why? I should be proud of them. Let’s please just stop judging one another and start supporting each other. Everyone has their own path and I am so sick of worrying how others might feel about mine, this blog included.

Ok  RANT over.

I promise my next post will be light hearted and full of rainbows, laughs & unicorns….or probably just pictures of Emma and pretty fall leaves, but either way thanks for listening & I hope you have a wonderful Friday J


  1. I completely agree! The people that have negative things to say are the people that are most likely just jealous! She is basically saying "if I can do it, you can too" but in a more direct way. Sometimes you just need to be direct to get people's attention which I'm sure was the goal of this picture!

    1. Thank you for the comment =) I agree! There are MANY direct motivational quotes/pictures on Pinterest these days... they are meant to catch your attention and push you. That is why they are motivational!! I just feel sad that people use the internet to be so mean. I really believe she was just encouraging women to remember they can still make themselves a priority AND be a great mom or wife or daughter and so on.

    2. I saw a Pinterest post (I live on that website) that the battles people engage in usually aren't with you, it's within themselves. How profound. I constantly have to remind myself of this. Not that I'm totally self-absorbed, but I have a tendency to take things personal at times and have to tell myself, Vanessa maybe this isn't about you, it's about them. Food for thought :) and I totally support this chick. She's happy, healthy and so are her kids. Keep doing whatever works!

  2. I couldn't not believe all of the negative attention that photo got. Some people get offended over the craziest things....