Monday, October 21, 2013

the happiest peninsula

Happy Monday!!!

This weekend was spent in probably my most favorite place, in the whole world, Door County WI.

                                              From: Milwaukee, WI To: Door, WI

I have grown up going here as a kid and recently we have been going a lot. It is only a short three hour drive from our house and its filled with all the best things in life. Wineries. The Lake. Adorable Shops. Amazing Food. LOTS of running :)

Door County was where I ran my first half Marathon. They have the most amazing State Park (where the race is held) and because the county is on a peninsula, the bluffs and views are really what make this place so special and runs almost easy.

Lately it has been so hard to get my legs moving outside. Instead I have been spending a lot of time with Blair and Serena on the treadmill.


It is getting dark so early and the mornings are so cold already... but our last few trips here this fall have been exactly what I needed to get my legs going and those long runs in to prepare for my halfs.

Everyone should have views like this when they go out for a long run.


AND now for my favorite thing about running in DC...

Jake always (sometimes I beg) rents a bike and carries all my fuel, water, music, gloves and talks to me the whole time. What a guy :D Jake has signed up for some races with me but he just isn't into distance running and so when he gets to bike with me and push me and make me laugh when I want to die, my heart is pretty happy.

Well this weekend!!! I had three people to talk to :)
 Jake's parents joined us in Door County for for the first time. Obviously they loved it up there you would be crazy-sauce if you didn't & I would be really sad because we couldn't be friends. 

I would love to hear about your favorite places to run and I am thinking of ending posts with questions because I love other blogs that do that and I really love to hear back from who ever is reading SO here is my first attempt at post inspired questions. Don't leave me hanging!

If you run in the winter how the heck to do you get motivated in the dark & cold? Do you stick to the treadmill? (If you do, round of applause goes to you because I feel small parts of my soul die on that thing)

What is your favorite vacation spot???

Hope y'all have a great Monday!

I will just be at work, dreaming of still being here & waiting for your responses :)

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  1. I hate nothing more than running on a treadmill! Running 3 miles feels like 10 for me! I love running outside in the winter because we don't really have a winter here in TX. Our winter days usually stay in the 40s or so and I love it for running! Oh and I love GG! I have watched all 6 seasons!

  2. oh man...what I would give for a Texas winter ;)

  3. I'm still trying to figure it out. I curse myself for this because I feel like running on a treadmill doesn't make me a "real" runner. Why do I keep saying that? I don't even know that means...anyhoo, 1. I don't have proper outdoor winter running clothes for Michigan 2. in Florida I split my time between outdoor and treadmill running I'd say. Don't ask me how I ran outside in Florida, I still don't know. I think I was naive and didn't know any different at the time, or was just certified bananas. I have a running app and music that keeps me going for now...I'll let you know when I get the appropriate clothing to venture outdoors ;)