Thursday, October 24, 2013


My first full week of blogging is almost over! Thank you so much for reading. Every comment and/or like on twitter etc. means a lot!!! :)

I was thinking maybe a post everyday would be too hard but I am really enjoying it so I think I will keep it up :)

I knew I would have to and want to keep some days short and simple. I thought about some regular posts on certain days and decided to go with the quintessential Throw Back Thursdays (Note to Mom: that is what #TBT means :) You're welcome)

Hopefully it will give you a chance to get to know me better and on weeks where the only things I have to say involve running, chafing, and eating GU as my main meal (kidding) it will give the non runners something to look forward to- that is if you love seeing painful pre-teen pictures, but who doesn't.

Well it just so happens that I only have a few old pictures on my computer (I will have to work on getting more uploaded for future posts) but I thought I could definitely find at least one to share today and I did but my first reaction was, "Well this wasn't that long ago... so I will have to give that disclaimer on the blog." 

Aaaand let me know if this has happened to you but I am waiting for the picture to download and suddenly it dawns on I am looking at this picture, my gears start turning and I realize that the picture is actually from 10 years ago. WHAT!? No way. I must have my math wrong?!

Forgive me for this rant but I just realized 2 POINT 5 seconds ago that 10 years ago I was not watching Full House in my pajamas and eating gushers or typing an entry into my DEAR DIARY (shut up, please tell me you remember those) all while forgetting to feed my Tamagotchi. 

Nope. Nope. 10 years ago I was dating and driving. I was stealing the most disgusting gin from my parents liquor cabinet (Sorry Dad =( I ended up throwing it up if it makes you feel better-Violently) and landing my first part time job- these events did not happen in any specific order. 

So now I am depressed and a little sad. 
Everyone warns you about this. I think I have heard every adult tell me at one time or another not to blink because one day all the sudden you look back and realize you are old ...well today is the day people. I just realized I am old, married and actually enjoy going to bed at 8 pm. 

But I promised a picture so here it is...this would be one of the very few balla moments I have had in my life. I was 16 in Hawaii and my Dad signed me up for private surfing lessons. The instructor was out of a commercial and I am pretty sure he had an Australian accent. I also remember being  thinking I was extremely talented and that this was what I would should do with the rest of my life (once a dreamer always a dreamer). 


Then I hopped back on a plane with my my flip phone and fake multi-colored Louis Vuitton, landed back in the middle of corn fields & I realized you can't actually surf in Lake Michigan.
Happy Thursday, Readers! Here is to being old and happy :)

Do you have a favorite family vacation you remember??? Have you been shocked by pictures or memories and realized they were from forever and a day ago?

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