Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make a new habit


Well I am super mad at myself because I realized driving to work this morning that today was "Workout Wednesday" and that last night, somehow, my husband and I were in the gym alone. I could have drowned you in workout pictures and tutorials of me pretending I know what I am doing (last week I talked about hot yoga here).

Truth is I only know how to run. Forward. And on most days I am not even great at that. Fact. 

I hope one day I will stop spending all my money on Starbucks and lip gloss so maybe I can try crossfit and get a clue but today I have something really simple for you.

It’s really not all that brilliant but about a year ago I realized that when I go to the gym its busy. I try my hardest to get there before work but let’s be honest, it just doesn't happen often. 

You try leaving that face earlier than you need to. 
Likewise after running or being on the elliptical for an hour or taking a class my stomach is usually eating itself and I need to find a peanut butter jar stat.

The LAST thing I want to do is wander over to the “boys” section and lift weights, stretch, or work my core. 

So I started setting my alarm 15 minutes early. 

I go down into our basement. It looks a lot like this.
Kidding! sort of (google images)
But I wish it looked like this....
(google images)
Turn on the news and do what I can for at least 10 min. 

I start by stretching and then try to get some ab work and arms in. Ya know, good ‘ol push-ups, planks etc…you know the drill. If I am at the gym later and I can fit in more- great! If I can’t I don’t feel as bad. It is also a great way to start the day (especially since I sit at a desk for the majority of the day) and I really have seen results.

10 min doesn't seem like a lot and it probably isn't for some but it is better than nothing. 

What workout habits have you formed??? What works for you?

Just as a side note. My tabs are down for a few days. 
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  1. You should look up the 30 Day Shred or Ripped in 30 on You Tube. Jillian has some great 3 minute strength moves in each of those that you can do anywhere as long as you have a set of weights! I try to squeeze in some extra chest flies or squat presses when I am watching TV in the evenings.

    1. I have done those! But it has been awhile :( Jillian is painful. Thank you for the idea though. I should really get the DVDs out and wipe the dust off of them :D

  2. I'm telling you, CrossFit will change your life! It is this most amazing thing!!

  3. that 15 minute idea is smart! i want to be a morning gym-goer, but i just can't convince myself to get up when that early alarm goes off. i need to try 15 minutes!

    1. Me either!!! It really doesn't sound like a lot but it always adds up to about an hour of arms and abs a week. For me that's a lot more than I used to do!

  4. Way to waste a great opportunity to take done workout selfies ��

    1. Hopefully I will have another opportunity soon :) My gym is at work so I have to keep my crazy in check more than usual.

    2. Btw Thank you for doing such a great link up!

  5. 10 minutes is better than 0 minutes!! Have you heard of Focus T25?..25 minutes a day 5 days a week. Its amazeballs and by amazeballs I mean a crazy yell at the screen but feel accomplished aamazeballs lol

  6. It is always better than nothing. Keep Pushing eeven when days are hectic. Coming from Workout Wednesday.