Tuesday, October 22, 2013

People who love to eat, are always the best kind of people.

It seems like the blog world is full of recipes today. Maybe it is something about the temperatures cooling off but food is definitely on the brain... but I guess when isn't it??

Door County, WI- Pumpkin Patch Festival
Especially if you live up here in the North...ever heard of hibernation? Ya, true story. That is a very real thing.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of my very favorite eats lately & who doesn't love a good list of favorite things in blog land? Here goes it =)

1. Dad's Spaghetti- I wish I could tell you how this guy does it. Basically he buys an authentic sauce from a local Italian grocery story and adds loads of fresh tomatoes (from their garden), with garlic, onion, different types of sausages, peppers & the list probably goes on and on. You add everything but the kitchen sink until it looks like chili. Honestly, it is a little less intimidating to just buy some great sauce and add to it. I love the idea. The risk of screwing up is rather low, which wins points in my cook book.

And those noodles!!! Find noodles like this and you've at least got a Pinterest worthy picture.

2. Fresh Apples pie - Up north we went apple picking. First time ever. I am mad it took me so long to do this. I cannot believe how many we still have and the price was so reasonable. Apples in the fall are the bomb. dot. com. Forget this pumpkin trend.

**I don't really mean this -I am still bitter- I attempted pumpkin scones and they were really terrible. First time Pinterest truly let me down. It's going to take me some time to recover.**

Anyways apples are great, they are best smothered in peanut butter or cinnamon sugar rolled up in dough but the ones we picked are so good plain that I have been only eating every other one that way ;)

3. So this should need zero explanation. I can never look at another pickle the same. I have never tasted something so freaking amazing in my life. It almost beats sushi. I try to stay far away from fried food but forget it-All of my dignity is out the window. And while you are at, please cover mine in homemade ranch. Thanks.

4. This last one, I can actually take credit for. I guess I should have put a disclaimer in about how I don't cook. I would EL-OH-VE-EE-love to but Jacob and I's schedules never over lap. We never get to eat dinner together til the weekend and then we usually just eat out. However my favorite meal to make is fancy. Fancy and easyyyy. Actually I feel like its a joke that it is so easy. 

Crab legs. Directions: You boil them for 5 minutes AND melt butter in the microwave. Buy pretzel rolls and a can of good clam chowder. Heat & pretend you are on the East Coast somewhere... I guess unless you are on the east coast. BUT seriously that's it!!!

I sometimes buy an extra can of clams to make the chowder even better. It can get a little expensive, especially if you live in the middle of corn fields like we do, but so worth it.

So there ya have it!

What are some of your favorite things to eat lately?? 

Also, if you are interested, I worked on our wedding tab last night. You can read all about our day here :)


  1. That's so funny about the fried pickles! You can find them at almost any restaurant where I live! And yes so much better in ranch!

  2. Kylie, I think I need to move to Texas. Between your winter weather and fried pickles, you have me sold!!

  3. I go nuts for fried pickles. My favorite are the fried pickle chips! (with ranch of course). :D

  4. I feel ya on the Pinterest gone wrong...I was on a serious kick of awesome, successfully reproduced recipes until this last week of Beef Stroganoff turned soup, then into pudding, I don't even want to talk about it. I've sworn off Pinterest recipes for about 5 minutes. But being in Florida with fresh seafood I was eating it several times a week...in Michigan, not bad, but not quite the same. I'm totally stealing your crab legs dinner idea :)