Wednesday, February 5, 2014

life update...sort of

Let me update you on a whole lot of nothing.


Our house is still for sale. Jacob hasn't officially chosen a law school. I think we pretty much have a plan in mind but we are waiting on a few things. The first thing that really needs to happen is selling this house. I can't even imagine how much less stress I will feel when it is snatched up. Which honestly it should be. It is the cutest house and everyone who walks through has given us great feedback but who wants to buy when it is negative 2 degrees and you can't actually see the exterior of the house because it is surrounded by 6 feet of snow... 

The right family will buy it. I just know it. A huge hurdle is this weather, but I can't help but complain. I am so sick of keeping it in perfect condition. Actually that is a huge lie. I am a clean freak. Let me rephrase. I am sick of having to keep my clothes in check. Creating closet tornadoes is my specialty and I look forward to the day that I can embrace my talent again. 

Lastly, I just want to move ahead with our plans. I want to announce to the world what the hell we are doing and look forward to a new chapter. Still owning the house is kind of holding us back. 


I mentioned on Monday that we are going on vacation at the end of the month. I cannot even express in words how excited I am deep down, but before a big trip I am the least grateful/most unhappy person ever. I can't just get excited anymore and throw things in a bag and go. 
How stupid. 
Instead, I turn into this mad woman who has to accomplish 50 billion things before getting to the airport so that I have just an once of hope that I can relax. 
I know, I know...
I am contemplating therapy. 

Does anyone else get like this??? 

For example...I have to make appointments. I need to get my hair done and nails done. I need to do 25 loads of laundry. I need to pack the perfect outfits. I have got to detox this body of mine because I am seriously going to destroy my liver. I have just accepted it. I need to shop for 93 essentials at Target. I know I will forget at least a third of those 93 things and have to go back to Target. I have to make sure everything is perfectly arranged for Emma. I have to budget money and clean the house. I have to make sure all the bills are paid and clean the house...again.

Stressing about any of this is just plain stupid because I am lucky enough to be going on vacation!!! Seriously. But lets be honest, I can tell myself that a few hundred times but I will still be stressed until we leave & I am sipping on my 14$ glass of wine @ the airport @ 5 am. 

...It is moments like this, when I write things this ridiculous and I am totally frustrated that I have turned into this kind of adult.


People are mean & I am over it. Honestly, I have ran into the rudest people lately. Everywhere. 

I am just plain over it. Sure I may come on here and complain and say I am stressed. I might take my husbands head off or scream at my mom on the phone, but they are my family. They chose me... my mom didn't, but you get the idea. 

They have to deal with my crazy. 

The lady at the check out counter or the bank teller sure as heck don't have to. Sometimes I just want to rip people a new one. 

Fake being nice if you can't actually be nice. Just try it for one day and you will realize it isn't that damn hard. 99 percent of the time, people are not just sitting around trying to make your life hard. You are making it hard. Make the choice to be the nicest part of someones day. 

Say thank you and smile, dammit. 

Grrr I think this weather is getting to all of us no matter where we live in the country. God needs to start shining down some vitamin D soon so we can all get a little natural happiness. 


Last but not least, cause this is the month of Valentine's Day and all (& I want to end this on a positive note), I just wanted to say that lately I have been really in love with that guy I live with. 

I will spare you all the mushy details, but I think I take for granted when our marriage is easy as pie. Lately he has just been the best part of everyday. I might not be great at showing it all the time & I bet he reads this and is shocked because I haven't really said anything out of the ordinary but it feels good to say that I am pretty happy. 

I actually got sad yesterday for a half a minute because we have separate plans this weekend. Probably a good sign after almost 4 years I still want to hang out with him :)

Happy Hump Day Pretty People!


  1. Great picture of y'all :)

    We took our house off the market after 12 month. Bleh. Hope you have better luck in your corner of the world.

    Has he applied to schools yet? I applied to about 5 if memory serves. I remember the process. Agonizing.

    1. aw I hope so too... I bet taking it off the market for a little while will give you the break you need. I can't imagine having to sell a house and have the mini people destroying it daily. You were a very brave woman for 12 months!

      He has applied to three and got into two so far...still waiting on the third. I have been meaning to email you separately about the law school thing : )

  2. My advice for your vacation shopping is to get up super early on a weekend day, go get yourself starbucks, and knock out all of those errands in one day. Then, you can worry about detox.

    I'm the same way about mean people, sometimes I wish I had the balls to say, "You must be having a really bad day, aren't you?"

    1. girl. GREAT idea. sometimes knocking out a little at a time is more stressful than just getting it all over with!

  3. I love that picture and yes I do all of the same things when I go on vacation too!!!!