Monday, February 3, 2014

FEBRUARY favorite things: link UP!


I am so excited that it is finally February because we are finallyyyyyyyyyyy going on vacation! One year ago when we booked our cruise it seemed  like forever away...Now I only have a few short weeks to buckle down at work, buy a whole new vacation wardrobe (everyone does this right???) and concentrate on getting bikini ready :) 

More to come on all of that, but today I am linking up with Emily & Kylie to tell you some of my favorite things this month. 
Beauty and the Greek


I told you last week that I was saving some of my new favorite items from 2Vagabonds to share on the link up SO here they are!!

First, I am obsessed with this bracelet. It matches everything!!! & looks super cute layered with a watch.

My second favorite item are these earrings. They come in a few colors & they are as light as a feather. I am wearing them in the reddish brown.

Buy them here!


Right after the holidays were over I started trying some new healthy habits. Like actually taking my vitamins and trying to lift more weights. But one new habit I formed was drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and at night. Honestly, I can tell a huge difference in my skin and in my energy levels.

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They say that lemon water helps oxygenate the body, which in turn wakes you up (i.e. I have been drinking less coffee in the morning). In addition it helps digestion, while also helping detox your body. 

So I aim to drink a cold cup in the morning and a warm cup before bed. Try it. I am hooked. 


So I started the search for a new bathing suit for our trip and I about died when the first one worked out! I couldn't find the exact one I snatched on Victoria Secrets website because I don't have patience but they have this new style (at least I didn't see it last year) in all sorts of cuts. 

Basically ruffling on the ends of the suit is where it is at, Ladies! It is SO flattering. 

Order it here.
I think because of the ruffling the suit isn't as tight, so it doesn't dig into you as much? Does that make sense? Well whatever the case I would recommend the style. 


Buy it here.
For the past few months I have been in love with this primer. IN LOVE. It goes on so smooth and I just feel great knowing it is both a primer and an anti age cream. It runs for only about $12.00 at Target. 


  1. Oh my gosh I love that swimsuit! I just hate that Victoria Secret swimsuits don't fit me! I don't know what the problem is because a few of their models seem to be rather big busted but I swear they make special tops to fit them just perfectly. Even in their extra large tops, I feel like I'm falling out! Sorry TMI! :) Thanks for sharing your favorite things with us!

    1. hahaha! I have heard others say that about VS too! I am sure other places will have that ruffling thing going on though. It is just so cute!!!

  2. I've always wondered if the warm lemon water really works! I'll have to try it! And VS bathing suits are the stinking bomb!

    1. you really should! I even buy the store brand lemon juice to make it easier ;)

  3. I need to try the lemon water thing, I just can't imagine not having my coffee first thing in the morning. I swear that I'm off all day if I don't have it in the morning.

    Loving the Vagabond jewelry, that bracelet is adorable.

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  4. First of all, that bikini is gorgeous!!
    Second, I swear I had a few notes drafted up to talk about lemon water. I've been drinking it since after the holidays and it's the first thing I go for in the morning! Ahh-mazing!!!

    1. It really really is!!! It just makes me feel better.

  5. I need to get into a lemon water habit. I've been reading Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet book and she swears by it.

  6. I really need to make lemon water a habit!!!