Monday, February 10, 2014

Three Thoughts on a Monday

1. My version of vacation boot camp starts today.

I was weirdly excited this morning because I have planned out all of my meals for the week, scheduled hot yoga sessions ahead of time (so I can't make excuses) and got the husband to even jump on board.

I am trying my best to cut out the excessive amount of carbs I have been eating and load up on protein. I also think that I will be cutting down on my beloved Cardio and picking up even more weight. Between lifting & some hot yoga plus eating clean I am hoping to really tone up. Well that is my plan at case you care. Ryan CARES : )

I wrote a long time ago about hot yoga (read it here). I adore it. On my obsession scale, it is such a close second to running for me. Unfortunately the studio I love is not close and it costs a lot of money, so I am forced to spread out my sessions.

If you have never tried it, I would totally recommend giving it a shot. Every class and every studio I have been to is fullll of different shapes, sizes, and athletic ability. Yoga sounds intimidating to so many people (especially hot yoga), which just should not be the case because true yogis are really centered and focused on themselves during class. Yoga is personal and no one is judging you. The instructors are usually so welcoming & I have never had a bad experience, yet!

2. Sunday nights, when the Monday blues start setting in, I am suddenly able to cope because I remember all the bad TV that will be my reward when I get home... Anyone else?

Today I saw that on Nicole's Blog, Pumps & Iron,  she created a Bachelor workout! It is so perfect, totally genius and with the way the show has been going this season I am pretty sure this "workout game" will kill me.

I pinned it here.

3. Last but not least, we spent some time in Chicago this weekend. They have way too many of those adorable dog boutiques. I couldn't pass up a sweet treat for Emma and new rubber boots.

She has been in so much pain this year because of how cold and salty the roads are : ( We have had to skip taking walks and just play in the yard. So I am super excited to see how she reacts to boots. It doesn't seem to be warming up here anytime soon so it was probably a good purchase : ) more pictures to come. 


  1. Doggie boots sound too adorable! How fun!!!!

    I get sad Sunday nights too. Like downright depressed...but it is fun to get excited about all the new episodes of my favorites shows I will have to watch all maybe I need to take your cue and look at the bright side!

    Have a great week!

  2. Dog boots!!! So cute!! My dogs feet have been getting so cold when we take him out to pee. He fell out one day and I was so scared he had done something to his foot. Dog boots would be perfect!!!

    1. We got these really great rubber ones! They come in a pack of twelve and if they get yucky or tear you can just throw them out. I would totally recommend them : )

  3. hahaha Ryan cares! I really want to try hot yoga!

    1. I love that Ryan pic : ) Be sure to let me know if you do try it!! It is so great. You leave feeling exhausted but like you just had a massage.

  4. That picture of Ryan cracked me up!!! Lift those weights, missy.

  5. That picture of Ryan is hilarious!!!!!