Monday, February 17, 2014

We like to keep it random.

Because practice makes perfect...

Jacob and I spent Saturday afternoon at a bar asking each other questions. To be 100 percent honest it was because we are trying to prepare for the Newlywed Game Show on our cruise coming up.

If you have been on a cruise I sure hope you went to see the Newlywed Game. Basically you walk into the theater and if you are married you grab a number. They call maybe four couples up at random and it is about the funniest two hours of your whole life. I have never seen a comedy show that was more hilarious than this.

It is uncensored.
Everyone is already pretty drunk cause DUH it is a cruise & &&&
if you win, you win some amazing prizes.

I would die if we were picked. THEREFORE preparation is key.

So anyways we found ourselves at 2 pm drinking beer solidifying our answers to typical questions.

I wanted to ask you all some and see if you would really know these answers. Then in turn I will answer them because...well because.



If your spouse were a character in a movie, what actor would they say would play them? Who would you say would play you?

Jacob told me Reese Witherspoon would play me. After he said that I couldn't think of anyone else so that seems okay. 

Jacob of course answered for himself saying he wishes more than life itself Nicholas Cage could play him.

After I got done gagging to death, I told him it would have to be Jake Gyllenhaal.


What would your spouse say they would most like to see you take a course/class in? 

I said that Jake would say anger management for me. For sure ...ding ding ding! I was right.

I couldn't think of anything for Jake {probably too much beer} but I eventually said he needs to take a class to prepare for law school and interviewing...lame answer I know.


Excluding people, what is your spouse's most prized possession?

Pretty much in unison we said Emma. Which doesn't count cause she is a dog person (anyone who just rolled their eyes, I deserve it). So we agreed on our wedding rings. Jacob did say if we are speaking of symbolic things he would say my running shoes----Those help keep me from actually having to attend an anger management course so they are pretty important. To both of us :)


What would your spouse say their theme song would be?

This was too hard. We are still in discussions.

Well after a few drinks we realized that going on a date and asking each other random things is kind of fun and maybe we should do it more often.

I dare you to try it! Start with the questions I listed.

Anyways this post was as random as ever but I have vacation on the brain so you won't get many other topics out of me this week :) Wish us luck on our preparation for game day.


  1. I love Reese! She's so gorgeous. Sounds like fun! I'll have to try out these questions with Jordan. I like them! He'd probably have me take an anger management class too ;)

  2. I love this!! Totally doing it with my husband next time we're at a bar! We actually went on a cruise for our honeymoon but chickened out on the newlywed game! I know I know! I regret it now!

  3. I love this idea! My husband and I are planning a trip for my birthday...I definitely see this happening now! Thanks!! And have fun on your cruise :-)

  4. Those Newlywed games on cruises are HILARIOUS! Cracks me up!