Wednesday, February 12, 2014

thoughts from a bathroom stall

Last weekend while we were in Chicago I spent some much needed time with this girl.

We have been BFFs since we were 14. NBD.

Anyways we went to a comedy show on a whim and it was great. During the short intermission we took the above selfie of course and visited the ladies room. As you can imagine the bathroom was randomly scattered in graffiti signatures/drawings----just like every other dive bar in history.

I usually find them amusing, but this time I didn't pay much attention (probably because I was concentrating on instagraming our selfie. priorities people!! ) until I was actually peeing.

Ya TMI, I know.

Well low and behold I had to whip out my phone and start snapping pictures because these were the kindest, most motivating bathroom stall writings I have ever encountered.

"Your jokes are better the more you love yourself."

"List 5 things that make you happy right now: Boyfriend, Craft Beer, Dog, Sunshine, Home grown produce : )"

"Love & Accept yourself unconditionally right now.
I don't know about you but usually when I read the stuff on the side of a bathroom wall I either want to do one of two things.

{one} wash my hands (read: take a shower)
{two} find the girl who wrote such a mean thing and punch her

On that note, I was given the gentle reminder on a random Saturday night that there actually are very sweet, supportive, encouraging women out there. We can lift each other up--- whether it be by writing a blog, an email to a friend, a note to a stranger, or even on the side of a bathroom stall for all to see.

Let's keep that up pretty people. Happy Wednesday : )


  1. HA! Bathroom stalls make me laugh a lot! I have taken some photos in the stall too, but none so positive.

  2. Bathroom stalls providing entertainment for the pee-driven since the 1900s!