Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a weird Christmas story

So this will make zero sense but I feel cursed lately.

Not in a terrible way. Nothing crazy, but there have just been a lot of weird/annoying things happening... One could say I just need to get my shit together and stop breaking/ dropping things, but saying I am cursed makes more sense, so lets go with that. 

Here is proof...

I am really great at getting Christmas presents early. If I see something I know someone will like in the middle of July, I buy it. We have a huge box in our guest room closet & I put all the presents we buy in there so I don't lose them, forget where I put them, or even that I bought them in the first place. This habit is a great one to have because it puts less pressure on your wallet come December... but not so great is pulling a present out and finding it completely broken. Yep that happened on Sunday. 

Then within a matter of hours I stepped on another present and broke that. 

...I was pretty frustrated at this point, so I did what I do best,  I poured myself a big glass of wine (you thought I was going to say go for a run, didn't you?). I turned the Christmas music up and continued to organize and wrap the rest of the presents, trying not to think of the money I just wasted & that my perfect gifts were in the garbage.

Finally, I started to accomplish some gift wrapping and I am feeling a little better when I find a beautiful mug we bought as part of a gift for someone. It had the perfect quote for this person on it, but because it had been in the box for a month or two, the OCD girl in me thought it would be nice if I washed it before I wrapped it. I kid you not, within seconds I am standing in front of the sink watching the letters from the mug wash off and go down the drain. 

ARE you serious?

This was not hand made people. I bought it at Macy's. It was so bizarre that I thought maybe it was just the wine going to my head?!

I was pissed. I decided not to touch another gift & I finished the bottle of wine. 

********* PART DEUX

Since this is obviously a Christmas themed cursing, I will leave you with the tale of why my whole office thinks I am a lunatic now. 

We have a huge Christmas tree in our office. About a week ago Jacob and I came back to the office because I forgot something at about 10 pm. Because the tree is on the other side of the office I hadn't seen it yet. 

I was pleasantly surprised when we walked into the dark office and I didn't have to fumble around to find the switch because the huge Christmas tree was all lit up. It looked really nice and I made a point to tell Jacob. I even said something like, I wonder when we put it up because I didn't hear anyone talk about it.

Well just this last Friday, the awesome co-worker (who also thought up the squat challenge) ordered pizza for everyone and we all helped decorate the tree. 

While we are putting ornaments on, I notice the lights on the tree were off. Someone says, "Wouldn't it be funny if the lights didn't work after we do all this." 

As you can imagine my response was, "Nope, the lights were on the other night." I tell them about how I showed up late and I didn't have to fumble to find a light...blah, blah, blah. 

After we are finished, I go to plug the tree in and there are like 5 different plugs hanging. WTF? Two co-workers come over to help me and one of them says that she totally forgot but the lights went out last year and they tried to figure out which strand & that is why 5 cords are hanging. They gave up and she totally forgot. 

Everyone starts laughing hysterically because now I look like a big loser. 4 days later and I am still getting heat. Awesome. 

I won't even lie. I am still spooked by this one and if someone at work was playing a trick on me I am telling you that it would have already come out. 

                                                 Scary Elf On The Shelf

I am hoping that starting today Christmas stops being so spooky and my weird curse is lifted.

Please note that these are only two of the strange things that have happened, but as your reward for reading this weird post I will stop here. 

Do you ever feel like the universe is just totally messing with you!??!?! 
Or have I just gone bat sh** crazy?!

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  1. Oh no!!! That's quite the string of bad luck haha! Sounds like the story of my life!