Friday, December 27, 2013

back at it!

Gosh I never know how to feel after the holidays are over. I go into a funk... and then I remember my Birthday is right around the corner and it brings me back to a happy place.

I guess I shouldn't say that the holidays are over because we still have some celebrating to do on Saturday with Jacob's family!

& then on Sunday we are doing THIS.

My husband cried on Christmas morning. Cried. I wish I could say I was the fabulous wife that bought these for him, but it was all my parents.

Jacob has never been to a professional football game & he is a football FANATIC...that probably isn't a cool word. He will make fun of me as soon as he reads this. Anyways he is a fantasy football freak & I cannot wait for Sunday.

SO Christmas was great and that gift was a major highlight!!! Here are some more pictures from the week. A holiday photo dump if you will....

If you have read "My Running Story" post you know that I used to ice skate competitively. I only have a few moves left (it is kind of depressing) but this is the second Christmas Eve we have spent at an outdoor rink & I like this tradition very much!

Christmas morning brunch was delicious for EVERYONE! Emma got a real bone (safe for dogs) from the butcher. It smelled up the whole house like beef jerky. She was in heaven.
A necklace I had been eyeing on Etsy. My husband listens! The leaves both have a J on it. 
I have been asking for something like this forever! This one is from Williams & Sonoma. It is a milk froth-er. Perfect for half & half for my coffee or hot milk chocolate. I think if you live up north you need one of these.
We ended Christmas day at a huge snow hill. I seriously don't know why we aren't there everyday. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. 

Then we came home. Played scrabble and I drank wine from a juice box! (have you seen these at Target??? the wine is actually delicious!)

Oh and a little more snow fun before bed. I started to embrace it.

snow angel
I hope y'all  had a wonderful holiday with 
your families and friends!!! 
What was your favorite gift??? 


  1. How awesome about the tickets!!! Looks like y'all had a great Christmas