Thursday, December 12, 2013


Even if you don't run, you would probably agree that running is a current trend, especially with women. If anything, you could say it is trendy right now to be a runner. Just look at this statistic from Runner's World.

Ok so you know what happens when a whole bunch of women like the same thing/want the same thing??? If you don't I highly recommend standing outside a coach outlet store before a big sale... 

They get competitive and they compare every detail. 

I have tried really hard not to fall into that trap but I will say it doesn't mean I haven't felt pressure. Pressure to get faster. Pressure to buy nicer running gear. Pressure to sign up for more races. The list could probably go on & on, but no one cares. 

Basically what I am here to tell you is that I ran in four half marathons this past year (basically 5 after my last indoor race debacle) and some little voice keeps telling me that this is all great and good but you should run a marathon. If you run a marathon you will be a real runner. 

So guess what? I fell victim to that voice and I picked one out. I did my research and I decided I would sign up. I got on the site today, printed out a training plan and thankfully before I pressed submit I took my calendar out. I realized that two very vital weeks in my training would be spent on a cruise with my family in February. 

I totally intend to run while on vacation. I will run on the track, in the gym, and back and forth through every buffet. Initially it sounds like no big deal. I could probably fuel and run happily, but do I want the PRESSURE to do so. NAhhhhhh. It's not worth it. 

Honestly this will be the last time Jacob will see the sun and we have money to go on vacation till after law school. My dad will probably kill me if I am wasting pool time and/or falling off the side of the rock wall with him to get in another few miles.

So right now I am here to say it won't be worth it. I am not running a marathon in the spring of 2014. Oh well. 

The only pressure I will be feeling is to down another margarita with my family. 

So... Cheers! : )


  1. Seriously, marathon training totally takes over your life. If you're not ready, don't do it! I kiiind of regret not researching and thinking this whole thing through more. (Can you tell I'm 2 days out and doubting myself? Hahaha)

  2. I. Love. This. You are so right about competitiveness and comparing to others.