Wednesday, December 18, 2013


(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.)

So for about the last year I have toyed with the idea of signing up for Birchbox...and similar subscriptions (has anyone seen/ordered the Barkbox for your dog???).

If you have absolutely, no idea what I am talking about, you probably live under a rock but that is okay because normally I do too Birchbox specifically, is a box that you get in the mail each month with makeup and beauty products that are chosen with your interests/needs in mind. The fun part is you have no idea what you are going to get and it will most likely be stuff you already need, but you would never pay full price for.

Well about 75 percent of the girls in my office receive it and I felt left out for the longest time. It was almost enough to make me join but I came to the conclusion that I know what works for me and it comes at Target prices so I realllly do not need to be tempted by higher quality  higher priced products.

Well the long and short of it is I caved. Not for Birchbox though. I signed up just last week for Fabletics.

I just innocently clicked on an AD for Fabletics because I was curious about what they sell. Originally, I thought it was like a Zappos for workout clothes and in sorts it is. They put full workout outfits together- sometimes even up to three pieces- and if you are a VIP member you get the whole outfit always for 49.95.

Each month they will pick out a few outfits for you that match your interests (running gear for me) and if you select an outfit, then it is shipped to you & you are charged only 49.95. If the month comes along and you are broke like a joke (i.e. every other week for me) or you just don't like what they have that month, you can skip, but you need to do so by the 10th of the month. No charge. No penalty. Returns are supposed to be easy as pie too!

Here is why I signed up. Now that I work out more, I understand the need for quality work out clothes. I love that Fabletics compares some of their styles to the top name brands like Lululemon. I haven't yet received my first outfit (it is on it's way!) but I will be sure to give a full review when I do.

my outfit- coming soon
I just don't have the money all the time for 100.00 leggings and although on most months 49.95 is even pretty expensive, I can bet I spend that anyways and at the least I am getting two pieces of gear (25 a piece is not bad, especially when it retails for at least 40 percent more!) PLUS I can skip with ZERO penalties.

& GET THIS! Your first outfit is only 25$! How can you beat that?!??! I just couldn't say NO.

Last but not least, Kate Hudson is the co-founder and I am pretty positive we would be best friends in real life, so I hope she doesn't let me down.

Let me know if you check the site out! Thoughts about subscriptions????


  1. I am going to HAVE to look into this!!

  2. That sounds awesome! Review when gig receive the clothes, please ma'am :)