Thursday, January 30, 2014

I like simplicity

So I don't know about you but I love to read magazines and it is probably no surprise but I order/buy a lot of fitness magazines. I always read the workouts. Look at the pictures. I try to comprehend and translate what kind of handstand-ish-crazy-lunge-move they are trying to tell me to do, but then when I get to the gym I forget everything I read and just do what I know.

I have thought about actually bringing the magazine but I never do.

Well last weekend I was reading away while eating breakfast and I thought HEY I should just take pictures with my iphone. That way I won't look like a loser at the gym later today flipping pages. Better yet!! I could eliminate half the moves in the article and just take pictures of the moves that make the most sense to me.

I know, I know. Sometimes I am just a border line genius.

Well I was so impressed with the new moves I tried. I did them at the gym on Sunday morning and I am just now recovered.

I hope you aren't bored to tears this week with my posts but I wanted to share what made me hurt because misery loves company & it finally seems like the whole country is stuck in a gym this week. So try these out!

First, forgive my terrible photography.

Second, if you do not want to look at another picture after this one no worries, this move is all you need. It made my whole body shake. I could not believe how hard it is.
Basically, wall sit. Grab some weights. Palms face up & you lift till you tap the wall above you. I did extend my arms fully. It looks like this girl keeps a 90 degree angle or whatever. I kept going till I thought I would die & then I did three more.

I did both moves on this page.
The first move burns. I do dips on a bench all the time. They don't burn like this. Try it.
The second move requires weights. I am such a wimp. I started with 8 pounds and went down to 5. 
Last one!!! Notice she is balancing on one foot here. I don't know if this move really is as hard as it seems but I did it last and it was worth it because my arms were already dead. Notice her "W" form. The little extra kick of standing on one leg is great. I am so boring when I lift weights. The extra challenge makes it more fun. Yes, I just said fun.

Where do you find new moves to try at the gym??? What is your favorite fitness magazine? 

(All images are from Shape Magazine)


  1. The magazine people make it look so easy. They usually have some cheesy look or are smiling while doing these moves. Hair and make up perfect, in their cute little sports bra and shorts that I would never wear alone in public. Then you do one of said moves and dear heavens! You learn about muscles you never even knew you had!

    1. hahaha EXACTLY! that is why I am so glad I finally found a way to remember said-moves and actually DO them when I get to the gym. HOWEVER I will be wearing a baggy shirt & my face will be RED, but at least I am trying something new :)

  2. Okay, the pullover squat is amazing! I need to try that. And yes, sometimes I do try to balance on one foot when I'm lifting weights. I've heard it's really good for your ankles.