Monday, November 18, 2013

A few WINS this weekend.

I think I tricked Jacob into shopping more this weekend than we have in months. WIN.

Added bonus??? We were able to get a lot of our Christmas presents out of the way…SAY what?!? 

I have no idea who I am.

Next weekend we are even planning to get our tree up early.

A little part of me hurts just saying that. I usually have a strict rule of NO Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving but we are going to be with family the whhhhhhhole weekend after turkey day and therefore I know I will have not one ounce of holiday spirit left to put a tree up on Sunday night.

Anyways... back to this past weekend. I have three highlights for you. I bet you will never guess what they have to do with?

Running and Food! BOOM. 

I swear I will work on getting a life.


Saturday morning I woke up and laid in bed for three hours playing plants vs. zombies. I know you think that I am kidding and/or exaggerating BUT for real, three hours of my life was spent calculating sun and zombies eating my brains. Turns out being a complete lazy ass helps you run better cause I knocked out 13.27 miles as soon as I dragged myself out of my warm bed.

I stopped only once for water and a gu @ my parent’s house @ about 9 miles. Jacob ran the last two miles with me. I didn’t do anything extraordinary. Just kept a steady pace and tried to enjoy the gloom. WIN. 

Speaking of gloom, Seasonal Depression is real folks & I pray every year it will not rear its ugly head but it does. The Midwest in the winter is not the place to be and something tells me that my mileage will be suffering shortly. I am just going to have to find a way to be okay with it.


Fun fact. Sushi easily combats gloom. It also was an excellent way to refuel after my run on Saturday. We had a coupon to Screaming Tuna in downtown Milwaukee and decided to have a date night. AHHHHmazing. Everything about our meal, service and view was extraordinary. We will definitely be going back soon. Side note: I need to get better at taking pictures for this blog.

I wish you could see my pants better.
They look leopard but they are NOT.
They are a mix of chevron/Indian print :) I love them.
I missed taking the picture of our sushi entree.
We devoured it too quickly. 


Ready. Hold your breath. On Sunday night I cooked. I made soup for the first time in my life. Stuffed Green Pepper Soup. It basically looks like chili but I substituted ground turkey for ground beef and used pounds and pounds of veggies. It turned out great; major WIN !!! I am going to try a few more soup recipes and share the best with the blog. I am so lazy and always a little intimidated to cook but soup proved to be really easy. If you have any great recipes, please share!!!! I can’t eat sushi and Aunt Annie’s pretzels every time I am cold and depressed this winter, so help a girl out.

I hope your Monday is painless and you get a glimpse of the sun wherever you are :)

Also please don’t forget to send some prayers and good thoughts for those hit by the tornadoes yesterday. 


  1. Sushi is my favorite! It really can cheer you up. I love cooking soups! They are so easy, can be made fairly healthy and last for more than one meal in most cases! I have made a stuffed pepper soup, black bean soup, taco turkey soup and chili so far this year. If you want to try any of those out, they are on my recipe link page. They are all easy!

    1. Awesome!!! Thank you :) Taco turkey soup sounds perfect!!!

  2. So jealous that you got a jump on your Christmas shopping. I have no idea where to even start. That soup looks delicious, and I totally agree with you on the sushi. Downing carbs, salt, and raw fish is the best mood booster!