Wednesday, November 27, 2013

turkey plans

If you are looking for my Thanksgiving post. I wrote it a week early. You can read it here :)

I am really glad I got a jump start because I think everyone can agree...this year the "thankful" posts and statuses have been overwhelming. I don't think anything is wrong with it, but they sure were everywhere. 

I will say that after tomorrow's big meal, I think I am ready to put the turkeys away.

I am ready to sing with Mariah Carey loudly on repeat, while forcing Emma to wear a Santa hat permanently for a month and wrap some presents : ) Now don’t get me wrong, I will still be thankful but I am sure my thankful thoughts pack a little more heat when I am actually thankful in a different month than November. So bring it December.

Tomorrow morning I will be participating in my first TURKEY TROT !!! I can’t wait. It is in Long Grove, IL which is such a cute little town. Jacob has never been so it should be a great morning. They are supposed to have a Santa’s village set up and all their cute little shops will be open in the morning for the runners. I hope I don’t freeze my butt off but I am sure I will.

Speaking of cold…It is 15 degrees here today in Wisconsin. Kill me.

Then we will be eating and drinking all afternoon with my side of the family. Jacob’s parents do Thanksgiving on Friday. I think it is the nicest thing in the world. I know how many couples/families have to stuff themselves twice on Turkey Day & I am so happy we aren’t one of them. Enjoying two full days of yummy food is wayyy better.


I have two major thoughts for today. First, I really wanted to be sure to THANK you for reading. I know I am still very new in this blog world but I could not be more flattered & thankful that you are taking even a second out of your day to read my thoughts or care about what I have to say. This place is growing slowly but surely and with every comment I get I grow more sure that I made the right choice to start my journey as a blogger.

Blogging really is so rewarding and I am so grateful to each of you for being so supportive and so sweet : )

Secondly, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday!!!

But on the flip side I know and wanted to mention that for one reason or another sometimes the holidays are really hard too. I had some tears on the way to work this morning. They were quick and fleeting but there is still a little hole in our family on Thanksgiving and Christmas without my Grandpa. Some of you may be fresh out of hard relationships or even on the verge of losing someone you love so I know all of these happy, thankful internet messages can get draining (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blogland). Just know that everyone has holidays that are hard in their life. Not all will be perfect. It is just another day, but if you get a chance to be with the ones you love, don’t take those moments for granted. 

So with that, I hope to get a Turkey Trot recap up tomorrow afternoon. Try to stop by while you are nursing your turkey coma & I hope you enjoy every single bite of whatever is on your menu tomorrow : )

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What is your favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving??


  1. The good thing about these cold races is that it's a much shorter distance than we're used to running. So, at least we'll be done earlier than normal? I guess that's a plus? :)

    1. that is exactly what I was thinking! my only concern is that by the time I warm up it will be over :)

  2. All the thankful posts to become a bit overwhelming in November, I agree. I don't understand why people will post what they are thankful for every day for 30 days on Facebook this month, and then next month they go back to their regularly scheduled whining and drama! Doggies in Santa hats are so cute! If only mine would humor me. Most likely not!

  3. 15 degress?!?!?!?!? Oh no thank you!! Stay warm :)

  4. 15 degrees?!? That's EXACTLY why I can't ever live up north! haha. My favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is the turkey of course! And I also love sweet potatoes and green bean casserole.

  5. Hey girl! I nominated you for the Sunshine Award :)