Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Trotting

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope you are reading this happily stuffed! I cannot wait to get everything delicious in my stomach soon. 

We are driving back from our first Turkey Trot and this will be the first blog post I do from my phone so be prepared for probably the most bizarre mistakes and/or probably zero cohesiveness :) 

Ok so cover your eyes and just skip this part if you want to miss the cornball comment I am about to make... Standing out in the freezing cold with a bunch of happy, enthusiastic runners made me realize the quality of people who run. In any other situation in life being forced to stand outside in the miserable cold, crowded by other people would bring out the worse in many individuals. Runners nah. I suppose you could say we sign ourselves up for this nonsense but really who enjoys standing and freezing and being bumped by strangers??? You still have a choice to be radiating positivity and I will say that it hit me. I felt incredibly thankful to be a runner and be surrounded by that this morning. 

Cool now let's get to the running. I had an egg mcmuffin again for breakfast and a small latte. I am still thinking it's a great breakfast for me. I didn't take any GU cause I was only going out for 5 miles. 

Jacob ran the 5k and finished in about 28 mins! That's awesome for him :) he was also really excited about this race which I feel pretty good saying hasn't been the case in any previous races. I think he is starting to get some confidence with running which makes me so happy. I already know he's awesome. Mainly I am so excited to share this sport with him. 

We ran about the first mile together and then split. 

I wish I had more for you then this but it was freaking cold and that's mainly where my mind was at. The course was greatttttt. I thought about that a lot too. It was so flat. No major hills. We also weaved through town, neighborhoods and trails. Variety is a wonderful thing. I dedicated my last mile to my grandpa. He isn't with us today and by far this was his favorite holiday so it felt right. He'd love that I was running and would totally be there if he could so it was nice to spend some time with him. It was also my fastest mile (8:01) so I felt good about that. 



I am incredibly happy with my time. I was NOT expecting to maintain a 8:14 average!! So close to the 7sssss :) 

Total bonus of this run:

Great swag!!! Love my new sweatshirt. 

Ok out of here! Home now & I just heard a cork pop!!! 



  1. Holy crap that's fast!!!! Congrats, sister. :)

  2. AWESOME TIME!!! What an accomplishment!!!!!