Monday, November 11, 2013

Chicago's Perfect 10

This weekend I ran the Chicago Perfect 10 and it was seriously the fastest race for me- to date.

Unfortunately not because I ran it like a blurry cartoon version of myself but because the morning just came and went so quickly.

We left realllly early but we grabbed Starbucks (spoiling myself with a 5 dollar drink always makes me forget what time it is) and got to Chicago in record time. 

As soon as we hit the city, the sun was coming up over the buildings and I got really excited. The city looked beautiful and traffic was a breeze. We got to Navy Pier about 45 minutes before my start.

The best part of starting at Navy Pier was that we weren't standing outside freezing or trying to squeeze into a tent. Also!! No port-a-potties. There were/are tons of REAL bathrooms inside the expo center. It was pretty great. Oh and the views weren't bad either :)

I started a little too far back. I should have squeezed up further because the roads weren’t really closed for the race. We took the lake front path and so it was tight for a while. My first half mile had me at a 11 minute pace :( Then as soon as it wasn’t so tight, the 10K runners (they started 15 minutes before us), who decided to start walking, walked in groups talking and taking up the whole path. Major bummer. 

I know I probably don’t have the best running etiquette at times, like when I fling my Dixie cup of water at you by accident but there were so many 10K walkers completely oblivious. It was just a little rude.

However, this was THE only downfall to the race because the rest was great. We were running by the lake the whole time and the weather was perfect. I saw a lot of runners dressed for a blizzard and I stuck to my guns and knew that as soon as I got going in that sun I would be HOTTT & I was so right.

Talk about luck. Warm sun in Chicago in November!

We ran by Grant Park, the Field Museum, and Soldier Field. Honestly though the view of the lake on one side and the sky line on the other was enough to amuse me. I love running in different places. I really reflected on that a lot during my run. I have been coming to Chicago my whole life, but running there and really anywhere, gives me an entirely different perspective on the place and allows me to really appreciate all of its beauty.

So now onto the actual running.

I was torn the whole race. When I started really slow because of the crowds my mind kept telling me to just let it go. “Don’t get frustrated. Just do this for fun. You can’t control the crowds.”

Then around mile 3 it spaced out a bit and I wanted to pick up the pace but my legs just weren't into it. They weren't sore or anything, just heavy. Anyone else get this sometimes? I kept under 9 minute miles though, and I was accepting it.

Remember when I talked about positive thinking, here? Well as soon as I started taking pictures and just enjoying what I was doing around mile 6, I fell into an 8:28 pace and felt great till the end. So I wasn't necessarily thinking positive thoughts and cheering for myself like I was in Bring it On, but I was just simply not worrying and enjoying myself. What a crazy concept <eye roll> ?!

So anyways crossing the finish line felt great. I was ready to be done and I was super happy I didn't have to run an extra 3.1 miles. 10 was enough.

Official time. 1:27:59 and not a second later :)

My medal was pretty cool.... but every sip of this reward was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

I highly recommend starting mini vacations with a Bloody Mary at 10 AM :) It’s a known fact, if you drink before noon your body instantly goes into vacation mode. Truth.

More to come about our weekend shenanigans tomorrow.

What is your favorite City?!?!?!?


  1. Great job! You are so speedy! I would have had a heart attack driving into the city before a race, but it sounds like it worked out perfectly. AND you had real bathrooms? Sign me up for that race next year!!! haha