Friday, November 1, 2013

November & Favorite Things

I am weirdly happy that it is finally November today. We have so many great things going on in November!
  • I have three races. THREE. First one tomorrow :)
  • We have an exciting trip to Chicago planned.
  • I am helping sponsor Travel Babbles this month. Run on over there. I just love her blog.
  • The National Holiday. Black Friday.
Yep I am one of them. I just like being in Target at 1 am. There is something magical about it. I won’t be standing in any lines but I like to go out and drag my sleepy husband, shop, come home and eat a second Thanksgiving dinner or I guess breakfast depending on how you look at it and sleep till 12 pm the next day …
  • And as if I need to specifically call out the four staples of November. Turkey. Gravy. Mashed Potatoes. & Apple Pie. Ummm ya.
  • LAST but not least! This month marks the first Favorite Things link up, hosted by Emily and Kylie.
Lip Gloss & Lunges

These are super random but I like it that way.

ONE: Pumpkin really is a staple during this season so if you love it you absolutely need to, no questions asked get over to Trader Joes and buy these. They have just the right amount of frosting. Just enough to make it sweet. The pumpkin isn’t fake-y or overwhelming and warmed up in the toaster with a cup of coffee is heaven.

TWO: Sticking with the fall trend I thought I said these were random? I left one piece of Pinterest inspiration off my post Tuesday, on purpose. In part because I don’t feel like it is truly a trend. It is a staple that has been around for a while. I love, love, love vests. There is nothing worse than Christmas shopping & sweating & lugging around a big ass coat. I said it. I hate it.

I like to be warm (duh?) but it is so practical to have our shopping limbs free! (Isn’t that the main purpose for our arms- to shop? my husband thinks so) I think they are super cute and a plus is you don’t feel silly leaving them on if you are cold at work, or even at a party, for a few extra minutes till you adjust to the temps inside.

THREE: My hair is thick. It is a pain to wash and dry. I don’t know who thought dry shampoo up but I want to give them a huge hug and an amazing Christmas gift. I have tried a bunch and I am sure there is something even more awesome out there, but I don't think you can beat this stuff. It is less than three dollars, smells great and Target even sells it in two packs. 

FOUR: Well since I shared yesterday about my silly hip, I thought I would show you my foam roller. We have a love hate relationship and if you run I am sure you have one too. Maybe you have one fancier than this one, but this thing does the job and it really can help with all kinds of aches and pains. I have preached to everyone who complains about some kind of body ache and they swear by it now too. If you have held off on getting one, don’t hold off any longer. They really are worth it.

FIVE: I made a what I thought was a silly purchase purchase a week or two back. I saw a coupon posted on Facebook and decided to design my own phone cover using

It turned out SO cute and I get tons of compliments. It was easy to design. It shipped fast and they send out coupons ALL the time. I am a sucker for a good coupon.

I hope you have a great weekend & if you are racing anywhere GOOD LUCK!

Come back Monday for my half marathon recap :)


  1. I have that same foam roller and love it! I try and roll out every night. I say it feels painfully good! ;) Oh and I am just as crazy about Black Friday!! I can't wait! Last year we got a Dyson Vacuum and Canon Rebel camera and saved sooo much money! It was so worth it! And that phone cover is so cute! I love personalized stuff like that. Good luck with your half marathon this weekend! Can't wait to read about it! Thanks for linking up with us and sharing your favorite things Jessica!

    1. Aw! Thanks for the luck :) Man did you luck out last year! I can't wait till they start releasing the Black Friday ads!!!

  2. Oh.....the foam roller. It hurts so good. Hahaha. I love to roll out my shin splints with it. It's awesome. Also, I didn't know Trader Joe's had toaster pastries!!! OMG yum! I got the Pumpkin waffles from TJ's and I put applesauce on them. OMG yum!!

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


    1. I will be putting those waffles on my grocery list ASAP!

  3. I added Dry Shampoo to my favorite things list too!! I'm still looking for a good brand and will have to try out the one you posted.

    1. Yes!! It's SO great!!! I hope you like it as much as I do :)

  4. AHH I love my foam roller, it is the best thing ever!!! and your phone case is super cute!!

  5. Waaaaaaa I have such a love hate relationship with the freaking foam rollers!! PS, do you have any idea where that vest is from? I LOVE that color!!

    1. grrr. I was so mad about that vest!! I love it too. But it was one of those pins on Pinterest that just led to a image, not a site :(