Friday, November 22, 2013

Not much more to say but this...

Oh my gawd.

Do you ever get to Friday and wonder how the hell did I make it here?

Well confession time.

I have ran a whopping 2 miles so far this week.
I have not eaten the best- Unless Velveeta has gone organic?
I have gone to bed late every night except yesterday.
I have sat almost all 9 hours at work, 4 days in a row. 
I have drank more Coke Zeros than I can count.

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So in conclusion, the fact that my husband is still alive and my co-workers are still speaking to me is a miracle.

I know all the right things to do. I talk about them all the time on here...BUT I guess today’s post is just going to be me admitting that I blew it this week.

So on this gloomy cold Friday up in herrr, I am calling it Monday and getting my ass into gear.

If you have had a similar week, I dare you to join me :) 

Happy Monday Folks. Have a fabulous weekend, wouldja?


  1. Hey you are doing better than me, I haven't even attempted to run haha! Hope your day gets better and you have a good weekend!! :) HAPPY FRIDAY!

    1. Thanks for your support girl!!! :) I hope you had a great weekend. I finally shook off my funk! Thank goodness.

  2. While I worked out every morning this week...I am pretty sure that is a HUGE cup of hot chocolate sitting on my desk right now. Also, I might have consumed a half a bag of Goldfish this morning on my way to work. I cant help if traffic was so horrible it forced me to eat. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. LOL!!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend too :)

  3. IIIIIII hear ya sister! I feel so lazy and blah ... I'm definitely looking forward to a brand new week. Why is it that we always feel like we have to wait until Monday to get our lives together, lol.

    1. seriously! it's so silly right??? It is always the case though :D glad I was not alone in my blahhhh feelings.

  4. Uuuggghhhh. Me. Too. Like bad. 3 miles. Tons of junk food. Dear Lord.