Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I should let my husband plan days more often.

Jacob’s birthday was on January 8th, which was a Wednesday.

I kissed him good morning and gave him his card. Those ten minutes in the morning was the only time I saw him all day *tear. Our schedules really suck. Anyways I tried to think of some clever gifts but I ended up writing in his card that Sunday January 19th was Jacob Day. He could choose anything and everything he wanted to do that day. He was so happy. He acted like it was the most creative gift ever.

So the week before he started planning out our meals and everything he wanted me to do. I would hear bits and pieces or catch things left up on our computer but I didn’t get the final “schedule” till Friday January 17th. He took this incredibly seriously : )

I was shocked. Jaw dropped. Couldn’t believe my eyes!!! when the first thing on the schedule after breakfast was a 5K at the Milwaukee Zoo!!!!

I have two words for you. RHINOS & RUNNING. What are the freaking odds??? Talk about blog material. (Unfortunately they would not let me in the rhino house to ride a rhino in my running gear. I was disappointed.)

But even more importantly than that, lets talk about how Jacob chose running on his special day!!! Not for me but because he REALLY wanted to do it. I think free zoo admission for the day helped, but I was so excited.

I am rarely excited about 5ks. They actually make me sick. It is that weird thing about distance runners that no one gets. 

“Why would you rather run farther???” 

Well by the time your legs get warmed up, the race is over! On top of that you put pressure on yourself to go FAST and speed is an icky feeling without 5 warm up miles. Ya know? No you don't? Ok. Just me. Weird.

Anyways it was a blast. The sun was out on Sunday and it warmed up to 30 degrees & I set a PR. The coolest part though was that it was the first finish line I got to wait at to cheer on Jacob. We have started races together, but I always take the longer distance (8k, 10k, etc.) so he finishes first. This time we both did the 5k.

I finished officially in 25:11 and Jacob in 31:43. He was kind of bummed. I still think he did great. It was actually very hilly and both of us have not been running much because of the stupid temperatures here.

Splits (According to my Garmin)
Mile 1: 7:58
Mile 2: 8:14
Mile 3: 8:06

I honestly think that the amount of muscle I have gained this winter has really helped my speed. I remember my last 5k in the summer and I thought I was going to die. I am not kidding. I seriously remember going to get froyo after because it was the only thing I could even think about eating because I felt so nauseous & I went home and napped the entire rest of the day. I ran almost the exact same time on Sunday. I didn’t really prepare running wise for this race (because I didn’t even know about it!) and it was hard and uncomfortable but I was fine. Totally fine. I don’t know... I am really starting to believe in picking up those weights.

After walking around the zoo we headed to Dave and Buster’s. We ate wings and drank beer. Big surprise ;) & played games. Jacob set the high score on his favorite game so I would say the second stop of the day was a success.
I need a skee ball machine.

record holder

Then we played tourists in our own town and went to Sprecher Brewery for a Brewery tour. More beer. Huge surprise ;)

I bought myself a hat. This could be the first selfie on my blog.
Wear your seat belt. It is the law. 
Then we headed home to make dinner and catch up on our DVR. It was petty much a perfect day. Even for me. I guess that is why I married him : ) : ) : ) We like to do the same things. Probably a good sign. 

I know I am a day late but tell me...

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Happy Tuesday, Peeps!
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  1. That does sound like a supper fun day! Minus the running part, you will never see me running on my "fun" day lol. Ski ball, beer and a brewery tour? Sign me up!

  2. Oh man! That sounds like an epic day. I love that he built that race into your fun day together. That's true commitment to fitness right there. And let me just say... holyyyyyyyyyy crapballs you run fast.

    1. it was more of a commitment to beer. the run I think just justified what we drank :)

  3. I'm totally with you on the 5k distance. You feel like you have to go balls out, but try to warm up, but not use up all of your energy before the race starts, but get a good time, but then it's over in less than a half hour...so weird.

  4. Oh my gosh SO MUCH FUN. And you both had fantastic times! I know what you mean about running longer. You're not weird. Or at least if you are, I am too :)

  5. Jealous of your athleticism. My Mr. is a runner and I'm an... attempter. Congrats on even finishing! Because, I'd be like, "Baby call me when you get to the finish line so you can come pick me up in the Prius"